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Homemade Coffee Syrup- Perfect Gift!


I just wrote about an easy meal solution to give as gifts in my last post. The following year, I decided to make homemade coffee syrups and chocolate dipped spoons.
Materials Needed:

Basket (optional)
Tissue Paper (optional)
Cellophane (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
Teeny tiny mason jars
Crushed candies (IE: candy canes, toffee, chocolate chips, coconut, etc)
Plastic spoons (thick ones so they don’t start to melt)

Take 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar and place over medium high heat until the sugar dissolves and becomes a syrupy [...]

Flea and Tick Season- Protecting your Fury Friend- Review/Giveaway

Blogger reader giveaway

We’re being very diligent with our new puppy, Bella as I’m sure most of you are that are dog owners! I mentioned before that I never really pictured myself as a dog person, but Bella has fit in at home quite nicely and we couldn’t imagine her not being a part of our family now! That’s why we’re finding it really important to make sure that Bella (and my family!) stays healthy.
It’s now flea and tick season and it’s important [...]

Three Awesome Ways To Use Technology To Create Memories

I’m a frequent user of Instagram (as I’m sure you can tell by my sidebar!) and Facebook. I have yet to find the dying love for twitter most bloggers have. But below is a guest post from Amanda who gives us three awesome ways to use technology to create unforgettable memories. How do you use technology to create memories? My husband and I have made a DVD in the past for my inlaws, documenting how their grandchildren (all 5 of [...]

Saving Our Sanity- 5 Easy Tips


Somedays, I wonder what it was like when I had sanity. It seems so long ago! Below is a guest post from Amanda about saving our sanity! Do you guys use any of these tips?
Being a mom is such a beautiful experience. It is also an emotionally and physically draining one. The responsibilities of a mom are a consistent fixture. As a parent we can become consumed with the needs of our kids that we forget our own [...]

A Lump Is A Lump, Except When It’s Not


That’s my lame attempt at channelling my inner Dr. Seuss. I’ll stick to the sporadic blog writing, I think! Let me tell you a story. I’m hoping that maybe this story will help others as I have learned more and more people have similar experiences yet we never talk about it. Warning upfront that this post will talk about many different “female” issues, none of them fun!
Almost 2 months ago, I noticed some breast tenderness and brushed it off. It’s [...]

Music Lessons and Your Child

If you’ve read around here before, it’s pretty hard to deny that my previous life involved music. Lots and lots of music. I was aspiring to be a high school music teacher and I pretty much ate/slept/breathed music for many years. And I still surprise myself when I answer music questions quickly that shows that I still know what I’m talking about! The following is a guest post from Amanda about music lessons and your children. Have you looked into [...]

Me Time and Be That Mom


One phrase that’s often repeated when you think you may be pregnant/pregnant or have child(ren) is to take time for you. Who is this me?! I remember having some good times with her BC (before children) Lately, it seems I have lost my way. I find it difficult to take time for me. If only I could tack on a few more hours in the day, maybe then I could accommodate that “me” time but doubtful, I’m sure I would use [...]

My Friends, Inside The Computer


I’ve brought up these people a lot. And some people even make repeat visits, like the one I’m going to tell you about today.(PS: She told me I didn’t have to blog about it, but frankly, I can blog what I want to- so take THAT, Tenille!)

(Please don’t kill me for this picture. I think you’re super cute!)
The Canadian bloggersphere is a somewhat small one. Contrary to popular belief we don’t know everyone who lives in Canada. It’s just that [...]



Now that the holidays are officially over, it’s time to get serious about how much food we may have eaten – or perhaps you got that wicked stomach bug that’s sweeping across most of my friends- keep that one to yourself, I don’t do vomit. In any case, you should be prepared for whatever life throws at you, especially since I am usually the person running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off looking for the right medicine for [...]

An Impromptu Trip to Nova Scotia


Early in November, I received a call from my mother in law- Brenda, letting us know that her dad had a stroke and was in the hospital. I immediately felt bad and then chastized myself for not calling after we moved. I would think to myself “I should really call Grampy and see how he is” then life would get in the way.
Let me back up the train a little bit. Adam and I started dating when a few months [...]