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#CleanWaterPhotoChallenge from P&G and Walmart


Remember the Month of Mom challenge from last year?? With the help of P&G, and Walmart we’re doing it again! And we’d love to have you follow along with us and enter for a chance to win. Do you know how lucky we are to live in Canada and have fresh and clean drinking water? For the next 14 days, we’re inviting you to play along to show how lucky we are to have clean drinking water. Listed below are [...]

Kellogg’s Cereal & Milk- Giveaway!


Some exciting stuff coming up around here. Glad to see you back with me! How do you start your day? Lately, I get up and take the dog out to pee, grab the girls some breakfast and grab myself something too. When I did the zone diet a few years ago, I learned how important it was to start with breakfast too. One of my favourites has always been cereal and milk. As far as I can remember, my favourite [...]

Mothers Day Cometh!


First Dr. Seuss, now Shakespeare. I need to just stick to what I know best. I bring this time of year up every. single. time. Mother’s Day just happens to either coincide with my birthday or directly before. As an only child this clearly means, “More presents!” Kidding. Kinda.
Adam tells whoever will listen that I’m difficult to buy for. I find this absolutely ridiculous. It’s so easy to find something for me, he’s the hard one! So, if you’re anything [...]

Bathroom Buddies- P&G, Walmart and Todays Parent- Giveaway

Bathroom Buddies

I certainly remember potty training Lauren. It took longer than I expected because she simply wasn’t ready. (I voiced my concern to Jillian’s pediatrician. He told me that I had words to use about a special needs child, but Lauren didn’t have that kind of vocabulary to explain how she felt about her sister). Jillian is another story. We’re trying to figure out if she has the sensation to know when she needs to pee or not. She’s eager to learn, we just haven’t [...]

#CoverMoment- Review and Giveaway!


Growing up, I was a HUGE tomboy. I hardly ever took the time to put makeup on. I saved it for “special occasions” or on days I felt I needed a pick-me-up. I’m still the no mess/no fuss kind of girl but now that I’m growing up (finally! ) I find playing with new makeup fun. The girls are always confused when I put makeup on. Jillian asks me why I won’t let people see my “normal” face. That kid [...]

New Flintstones Gummy Plus Immunity Support & Toronto Giveaway


I’ve vowed to make 2014 a better year in terms of blogging! I have some pretty awesome things coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you. I find that since the girls started school, we get more illnesses than we ever had before. Not surprising though. I went into Lauren’s JK year thinking “no big deal. We hang out at a hospital for fun” Boy. Was I wrong! It was routine that Lauren’s teacher would meet me [...]

Sledge Hockey #FlashGiveaway Full Details and Rules


What are your plans for Saturday? If your family is like mine your weekends are  crazy busy but because I’m a P&G mom I have a great opportunity for you! If you’re following me here from twitter or facebook, below are the full contest rules for a set of tickets for the Sledge Hockey games that are coming up this weekend.
Because the event is on Saturday, this is a flash giveaway. So the timeline of this giveaway will be quick, hence [...]

Hasbro, Duracell and Furby, Oh My! and Giveaway for you!


Are you ever successful in seeking out the years top toys before Christmas is here?! I can honestly say I never have been. Normally a toy catches on and the girls want it. No wait, they don’t say want they need it. And then I’m left scrambling trying to find it like the rest of the unlucky population. I remember when Furby first came out. (Am I dating myself?!) Even though it was released in 1998 and 1999 and I was 17-18, [...]

Camelot Jr.- Learning Toys Review

photo (1)

For our next toy from Learning Toys, we got to review a pretty fun game called Camelot Jr. The ages on the front of the box were from 4-99 so I knew that both of my girls would be able to play this without many problems. It seems whenever we receive a new product to try, the girls want to rip into the box and try it immediately! No different this time either!
From the makers of Camelot Jr. :
Camelot Jr from [...]

We had a Week with Chevrolet!


My ‘little’ blog has had some amazing opportunities lately! A few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to test drive a brand new 2013 Chevy Equinox. A girl could get used to this treatment!

Isn’t she lovely?!
I was determined this summer, to have fun with the girls. And so far (except for the last week) I’ve stuck true to that word. Sometimes a girl just needs a little downtime, much to the dismay of my girls. While we had the [...]