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So What If?


The royal baby has finally arrived! I’m sure Kate is overjoyed that the whole world isn’t watching, wondering when she’d have the baby. Oh wait a minute, the Duke, Duchess and any children will always be under a microscope. The monarchy has always been interesting to many people so it doesn’t surprise me that the speculating is happening in the first place. My mom watched Prince William’s debut with Charles and Diana and woke me up crying when Diana was […]

Great Shows for the Whole Family

The girls and I went on a Cosby show kick just a while ago. I’m so glad that we found a show that we can all agree on and I’m not worried about what may or may not be inappropriate. What were some of your favourite shows growing up? The following is a guest post from Amanda.
While nobody wants to admit to using the television as a babysitter, we can all probably agree: sometimes it’s okay to let the kids […]

Moving with Special Needs


This isn’t something that I’ve had to worry about- yet. Jillian doesn’t seem to have issues with disruption to surroundings or change, so that works in our favour. I think if we were to go through that situation, I’d have more trouble with it than she would! Have you had to move with your special needs child? How did it work? Any tips for us?
The following is a guest post from Amanda.
Moving is no picnic. This is true even when […]

Epic Summer Birthday Parties On a Budget


We don’t have any summer birthdays in our house but I know so many people who do. When I was in elementary school I would remind everyone my birthday was coming up. If I had a summer birthday all that would have been lost. Poor me.
The following post is a guest post by Amanda. How do you plan parties? Do you have a budget?
Summer birthday parties are the best – the guest list is a little bigger and the activities […]

The Circus is Coming!

Marie and Shelly shrine circus

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My friend Shannon posted a teaser on her facebook a few weeks ago about going to see the circus and that maybe, just maybe they’ll be coming to Toronto too. In fact, they’re going to 5 different spots in Ontario and 3 places in Quebec.  Announcing the Twitter Party (June 18 from 8-9 pmEST- go RSVP!) for some stellar giveaways, she asked if we ever wanted to run away with the circus. I haven’t but I’ve contemplated asking them […]

What Are YOUR Plans for June 5?


A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit a Tim Horton’s camp in Onodaga Farms. If you’re a good Canadian you’re already aware of  Tim Horton’s and Camp Day. Let me tell you a little bit about the amazing experience I had and let you know how to participate.

Good morning from the Farms! As soon as we got off the bus I noticed the smell. Now I am a good “city” girl- never thought that would happen! The smell I […]

5 Easy Ways a New Mom Can save money


If you’re like me, you’re always ready to save a little money where you can. Not sure I could ever be an extreme couponer like in the states but I do love great deals. Did you find any ways to save money after you became a mom?
The following is a guest post from Amanda
Moms are geniuses when it comes to bandaging a boo-boo and talking to our kids about bullies. We’re masters of the bedtime routine and pretty excellent story […]

Home Security, Do you have it?


A few months ago, our car was broken into. Ok, not so much broken into but rooted through. In my daze to get the girls inside while it was raining, I forgot to lock our car, lucky for me, someone went through the car that night. They didn’t take anything of great value (a used lipstick-um..ok?, my cord that connects my phone to the stereo and my thank you gifts for speaking at Grand Rounds at Holland Bloorview. Jerks) But […]

Maternity Fashion on a Budget


Thankfully my needing maternity clothes has passed. Growing up, I always wanted a large family. But, 2 days before Jillian was born, I decided that I’d do it for Adam, but I was done having children. Plus, if I were to get pregnant now- I would have to buy new clothes since I’ve lost weight since Jillian was born.
The following post is from Amanda.
Being on top of fashion, for women, is a big thing. They are always following what is […]

Have you ever…


Lived in a place where you only remember happy things and would end up going back there in a heartbeat? I don’t even think that’s the sentence that would fit that best. I’ll tell you about Argentia, Newfoundland.
My family and I moved to Argentia shortly after my 6th birthday. Moving from Victoria, British Columbia to Argentia, Newfoundland was a cross country journey and we drove all the way there. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of moving but I […]