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Why don’t my children love me?!


So, Lauren and Jillian conned me into buying them Toy Story 3 PJ’s. Fine. No big deal, they were on sale and this Mommy LOVES a bargain! So, it had been much too hot in our house to wear these pajama’s until last night. So, they got in their PJ’s and I said “Ok! Let’s take some pictures!” The girls were NOT cooperative. Like, at all. I was hoping for at least 1 decent picture for a profile picture on […]

The rest of the wedding pictures!

wedding party

I know! Two posts in one day! What am I thinking?!?! Christie got the rest of the pictures back from the photographer so, I thought I’d show you. And, I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to put them up for wordless Wednesday! Plus, I have another idea for Wednesday. So, for your viewing pleasure…. (Plus, lucky for you, you get my awesome commentary!)
The girls and the bride, trying to find her feet underneath all the crinoline. (Seriously? Who invented that […]

Picture Post!

Some pictures…

Ridiculous Picture Post.
I’ll show you all what I’m proud of.
Adam and I on our wedding day, August 27, 2005
Me after my jaw surgery, it was a long recovery, but well worth it now
My sleeping beauties.
Lauren. She’s the light of my life
What mother doesn’t want to put TONS of pictures of their kids on their website?!