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Isn’t She Lovely

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So? Like the new digs? If you’ve been visiting for long, you’ll know that Stef pushed me into making the jump to wordpress by taunting me with pretty designs. And clearly, Stef has worked her magic once again. I treat my blog like my hair (for the most part…) do what you want- whatever colours/font we can change it if need be. I normally tell hair stylists to do what they want and if I hate it, it’ll grow […]

New Design

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!? Everyone should bow to Stef and tell her how awesome she is!!!

Pardon The Dust!

Hahaha why hello everyone! That’s right Jenna from For The Love of Baby! is here! I figured Cheryl got to hijack my blog yesterday with her Sex and Stalking post, that I’d come take over her blog for a few!
Don’t worry, sit back and hang tight as we get a new look for Cheryl’s blog to match her fun personality!