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Wordless Wednesday- Awwww Edition


Earlier this week, I posted how amazing my friend Tenille really is. Let me add that Build a Bear works incredibly fast and we received our new teddy bears and wheelchairs the other day. I was so excited, I opened them immediately!

Too bad they arrived in the morning and I needed to wait until the girls came home to play with them!

To top it off, I got the girls to thank Tenille. Too bad it didn’t go as well as […]

And then there were none- almost. Wordless Wednesday


Well, today was back to school for Lauren. She was super excited to head back to school to see her old friends and teachers. But wait… Her teacher from last year is on sabatical and we were unsure of her new teacher situation. Still, my very brave 5.5 year old told me “Mom. It’s FINE. I’m sure I’ll know SOMEONE” Great. The kid, she’s growing up. I poised her carefully in on the stairs like last years picture. She exclaimed […]

Wordless Wednesday- Another Round of Botox


Jillian was the lucky recipient for botox last Wednesday. Some people think that the botox isn’t fast acting. It all depends on the child, what area of the body they’re receiving injections, etc. We had flat feet within 10 hours of botox! Jillian is so proud and happy!

A Whole Year- Wordless Wednesday


I’m a little late posting today, it was easier to wait until I actually got to my computer as opposed to getting mad at the iPad and throwing it across the room! Decided since I took a first day of school and last day of school picture of Lauren, they would make good pictures. Couldn’t let Jillian be left out, I included pictures of her taken at the same time of year as Lauren’s. Happy Wednesday!

(I’m tired of messing with […]

Wordless Wednesday- Hoopa Loop Edition


When kids mispronounce things it always cracks me up. Clearly, I should be teaching the proper vocabulary, but they’re just too cute! We went to a bbq for Adam’s company on Saturday. When we’re in situations like that, I am forced to see how “different” she is from other kids. Thankfully, we both have our humor in the situation!!
Jillian wanted to hoop-a-loop so bad! So Adam helped her stand and she moved the hula hoop from side to side. She […]

Special Needs Ryan Gosling- Take 3


I’m a day late to this party, but I figured I’d share anyway! Busy two weeks ahead! Has Ryan talked to you this week??

(I have no idea why this is so small. I even tried re-sizing. Hope your eye sight is good! Also if you are confused about my first 2 parts, it’s actually lyrics to a song from a Canadian artist, Carly Rae Jepsen It’s quite the catchy tune.)

I see STRANGE things- Wordless Wednesday


I like to take pictures of the weird things I see along my travels. Don’t worry, you can be sure to thank me later. Although, if I were accessing Adam’s pictures all you might find are people that look like they belong on the people of walmart site. Anyway, I happened to take my friend to Costco the other day and this is what I found:

This seat boasts that you will never need to use toilet paper again! It […]

Special Needs Ryan Gosling- Week 2


I’m back for more fun with Adventures in Extreme Parenthood! I would love to see what you would come up with for Ryan to say to you, or your kid!

Well, Ryan, if you would like the real experience, walk on your tippy toes ALL day with your knees bent. Then I’ll help you get rid of muscle spasms.

Happy Mother’s Day/Birthday to ME! (Wordless Wednesday)


Here we are! Another Wednesday! I might have slipped under the radar last week with my double whammy birthday and mothers day since it fell on a little bit of an important day for some people! My day was great. I was greeted by my children and husband carting breakfast who mooched most of it. But you know what? That’s ok, Jillian tried a raspberry! That’s HUGE! Anyway, when I first became a mother, over 5 years ago, I asked […]

Hey Girl- Special Needs Ryan Gosling


So there’s this meme going around for a bit. Pictures of the ever hunky (and Canadian! woot!) Ryan Gosling saying “Hey Girl…” followed by some wickedly awesome phrase.  Sunday from Adventures in Extreme Parenthood began a regular meme for special needs bloggers to link up their ideas on what Ryan Gosling would say to us. And let me tell you, they’re all pretty hilarious. (I especially like Amanda’s from last week. Hi Amanda! Thanks for making me participate!) I bow […]