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For Those Who Believe my Kids are Hilarious


Decided to change things up a bit here! I know my posting has gone down hill, I did explain why though! I am now waiting for an MRI which will be on August 16 and trying to find some sort of summer fun to do while resting my knee and trying to find a PT that actually treats adults! Too bad all my PT friends treat children!
I often update my facebook statuses with funny conversations I’ve had with my […]

Can I Just Say No?


To the teenage years? I think I’ve already proven that my children keep me on a very fine line between insanity and slightly sane. If you’re a friend of mine on facebook, you might have seen these before, but since my girls are pretty funny, I figured I’d share.
Me: “Timbit!! Stop eating my headphones!”
Lauren: “Well, really you shouldn’t leave your stuff laying around”
Jillian: “Yeah. you need to clean up your stuff”
Me: “Uh, thanks guys, but I didn’t leave it just […]

My Entertaining Children


My children are a pretty great source of entertainment for me and my Facebook friends. My awesome friend Jen shared a blog post by Peas and Thank You, 21 Questions to ask your kids. Some of the answers left me scratching my head, but that’s pretty common after speaking with my kids! Enjoy!
1. What is something Mommy always says to you?
Lauren: “Stop picking your nose”
Jillian: “No, I won’t toot on you” (Jillian’s initial response was: “No fingers in your vagina and […]

Time For More Laughter… From My Kids


It’s been quite a while since I have shared some things my girls have said. They keep me laughing A LOT, and if you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably already see them. I use their comedic gold for status updates… My poor friends.
Me… Humming.
Jillian: “Mom. Would you PLEASE STOP”
Me: “Why?”
Jillian: “shhhh. I’m trying to concentrate”
Me: “What are you concentrating on?”
Jillian: (whispering) “this isn’t about you, Mom”
Gotta love rote learning… Lauren says a sentence and then points at me […]

Another episode on how my children crack me up.


I’ve had a few posts about the things my girls say that crack me up! This is no different.
… while I was getting Jillian ready for a bath I said to Adam “she fought me getting her clothes off, so can you put her in the tub?” Jillian’s LOVELY brain interpreted it as “She F*CK$D me in the closet” Now who wants to bet she’ll say that at appointments next week?!
Lauren: “mom. We need to go to the […]

Out of the mouths of babes.


So, my girls are ALWAYS cracking me up! Here are some recent things they’ve said!
Jillian “Where’s my cup?” Me: “I don’t know. go look for it” Jillian “No. You.” Me: “I’m not your slave” Jillian: “But I love you” (noticing a pattern?!) Jillian grabs my hand and says “I KISS YOU!!! Nice to meet you, Mommy!” ugh. Why is she so cute?
my kids need a lesson in what’s acceptable to say in public. Jillian’s been saying “Daddy touched my […]

Out of the mouths of toddlers…

If you’re joining me from Jenna’s blog- HI! Sit down with a cuppa and we’ll chat. As any other mother, I longed for my child to talk. So, in the post below, my daughter makes me laugh.
Said yesterday. Lauren and I were getting ready to go pick up Daddy from work. She asked if she could bring her baby with us. No biggie.
Lauren grabs her African Canadian cabbage patch doll and says “MOMMY! Baby is CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM YUMMIE!” I thought […]