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Some Enchanted Evening


Two weekends ago, the girls had some pretty exciting milestones. Lauren went on her very first sleepover! This was huge for her. She’s shy and reserved (most of the time!) and didn’t feel comfortable leaving us at night. We even tried to have a sleepover in our basement and she wouldn’t stay downstairs. Had to come back upstairs to sleep. The other thing that makes this so remarkable was that she was over an hour away from home. In the […]

Moving On Up


Waaaaaay back in January, I wrote about how 2015 is starting out as a stressful year. And it really hasn’t gotten any less stressful yet. As we are getting ready to transition out of the Bloorview School, I’m left feeling overwhelmed, nervous and weary. And I’m not alone. My friend Kara also has a son transitioning out of the Bloorview School and into a community school. Is it the fear of the unknown? That’s probably part of it for me. […]

Special Needs and Social Media


Special needs and social media seem to go hand in hand these days. When Jillian was first diagnosed, I didn’t know many people in Toronto, let alone a friend who has a child with special needs. Since we live in a technology fueled world, I took to the internet to find other parents like me. Starting this blog, reading other blogs, joining groups on Facebook. The internet became my lifeline. And in a way it still is. Knowing that I […]

2015 Might Break Me


Hard to believe we’re already two weeks into January already. And already I’m thinking this might be the year that breaks me. Clearly, I’m probably being a little irrational but let me tell you some stories. We’re now looking for schools for Jillian to transition into. Her current school ends after grade 1 and even though I know we’ll be super prepared for the transition and Bloorview will help us find a good fit for her (and us!) but it […]

So…About That Wheelchair


Dear Mom from the Children’s Christmas Party Tonight,
Hi. I’m not even sure you saw me, although it’s slightly hard to miss when I’m walking behind Jillian. She’s cute, right? So is your son. Hopefully I wasn’t looking wistfully at your son. I never want to change Jillian but sometimes I get a little sad watching a child who makes walking look so easy. Jillian has to fight against her muscles to walk.
Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I’m writing this […]

Thrive On! Three To Be Gala


Two weeks ago Adam and I were given the rare but great opportunity to have a date night. We were guests at Thrive On! The Three To Be Stems of Hope Gala.  This was our second year attending for a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts. I used to be so intimidated by Dana Florence- Co-Founder and Executive Director of Three To Be. I just sit behind my computer and write about cerebral palsy and special needs. Dana made an […]



Oh hiiiiiii! Didya miss me? I don’t even have some cool reason as to why I haven’t blogged in so long! Let’s pretend I was abducted by aliens. That works for me.
Since my blogging has been on the back burner, I’m challenging myself to blog once a day for a month. Then hopefully I will be back on track and continue posting regularly.  I’m also going to start tweeting again. Every once in a while I decide to give myself […]

The Lokomat- A Research Study


A lot has happened around here! It seems like the girls just got out from school yet here we are, already in August. One month left until they head back to school. Hard to believe the summer is half over!
 In October, Adam and I were given the rare chance to attend the Three To Be Gala- a night to raise money for kids like Jillian with neurological disorders. Among some of the guests, Jillian’s therapist from school was there and […]

It Was a “Typical” Day


Time has gotten away with me again so it seems! Two weeks ago, Jillian was going to get an award from school. Our day started as it usually does. Me, ignoring the alarm clock, groaning when Adam finally gets me up, get the girls ready and out the door and see Adam off to work.

After our quite typical morning, Jillian decided to throw a curve ball. Shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it does! That afternoon, Jillian received the “courage” award. […]

P&G Thank You, Mom- Interview with Deb Westlake

Greg Westlake & Deb Westlake2

Have you caught P&G’s commercials for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi? Talking to some of the most important people behind our athletes and seeing what goes into raising an athlete? Since I don’t have a sporty bone in my body this was an area just outside of my comfort zone! Thankfully, I got to have a very heartfelt chat with Deb Westlake this afternoon and I left our conversation feeling invigorated, excited and totally proud to be a Canadian. Greg […]