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#CleanWaterPhotoChallenge from P&G and Walmart


Remember the Month of Mom challenge from last year?? With the help of P&G, and Walmart we’re doing it again! And we’d love to have you follow along with us and enter for a chance to win. Do you know how lucky we are to live in Canada and have fresh and clean drinking water? For the next 14 days, we’re inviting you to play along to show how lucky we are to have clean drinking water. Listed below are [...]

Kellogg’s Cereal & Milk- Giveaway!


Some exciting stuff coming up around here. Glad to see you back with me! How do you start your day? Lately, I get up and take the dog out to pee, grab the girls some breakfast and grab myself something too. When I did the zone diet a few years ago, I learned how important it was to start with breakfast too. One of my favourites has always been cereal and milk. As far as I can remember, my favourite [...]

A New Addition!


Tap…Tap… Is this thing on? So clearly I haven’t been around much. I don’t even have a decent reason! In my last personal post about my lovely lump (not my lovely lady lumps, sadly…) There’s no real update on that front yet. I had my followup with the surgeon where I was told it was ‘nothing…at least for now…’ to contact him if it got bigger/hurt or any other weird changes or in 6 months. I assured him I wouldn’t [...]

Saving Our Sanity- 5 Easy Tips


Somedays, I wonder what it was like when I had sanity. It seems so long ago! Below is a guest post from Amanda about saving our sanity! Do you guys use any of these tips?
Being a mom is such a beautiful experience. It is also an emotionally and physically draining one. The responsibilities of a mom are a consistent fixture. As a parent we can become consumed with the needs of our kids that we forget our own [...]

Mothers Day Cometh!


First Dr. Seuss, now Shakespeare. I need to just stick to what I know best. I bring this time of year up every. single. time. Mother’s Day just happens to either coincide with my birthday or directly before. As an only child this clearly means, “More presents!” Kidding. Kinda.
Adam tells whoever will listen that I’m difficult to buy for. I find this absolutely ridiculous. It’s so easy to find something for me, he’s the hard one! So, if you’re anything [...]

A Lump Is A Lump, Except When It’s Not


That’s my lame attempt at channelling my inner Dr. Seuss. I’ll stick to the sporadic blog writing, I think! Let me tell you a story. I’m hoping that maybe this story will help others as I have learned more and more people have similar experiences yet we never talk about it. Warning upfront that this post will talk about many different “female” issues, none of them fun!
Almost 2 months ago, I noticed some breast tenderness and brushed it off. It’s [...]

I’m Just A Spectator…


Often when I’m reading other blogs that my friends have shared, I think “I really should write about this!” and then file that idea away, and promptly forget about it. It’s rare that I read something and immediately feel the need to write some of my own experiences out after reading a post. Thanks to Lesley for sharing this post.
Rounding a corner in the hall of a hospital yesterday, I was knocked briefly off my feet. No one ran by [...]

It Was a “Typical” Day


Time has gotten away with me again so it seems! Two weeks ago, Jillian was going to get an award from school. Our day started as it usually does. Me, ignoring the alarm clock, groaning when Adam finally gets me up, get the girls ready and out the door and see Adam off to work.

After our quite typical morning, Jillian decided to throw a curve ball. Shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it does! That afternoon, Jillian received the “courage” award. [...]

Bathroom Buddies- P&G, Walmart and Todays Parent- Giveaway

Bathroom Buddies

I certainly remember potty training Lauren. It took longer than I expected because she simply wasn’t ready. (I voiced my concern to Jillian’s pediatrician. He told me that I had words to use about a special needs child, but Lauren didn’t have that kind of vocabulary to explain how she felt about her sister). Jillian is another story. We’re trying to figure out if she has the sensation to know when she needs to pee or not. She’s eager to learn, we just haven’t [...]

30 Things My Girls Should Know- 20 Facts


Diving right into the questions, today’s topic is 20 Random Facts about their dear old Mom. (Have I confused you yet?! Full list of questions located here) This one is going to be hard for me. Since they’re random, I’ll probably end up saying 90% of what the girls already know. I remind myself of Bill Cosby just thinking about it!

According to my parents, I was conceived in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and born in Victoria, British Columbia. (Are you scarred [...]