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Some Enchanted Evening


Two weekends ago, the girls had some pretty exciting milestones. Lauren went on her very first sleepover! This was huge for her. She’s shy and reserved (most of the time!) and didn’t feel comfortable leaving us at night. We even tried to have a sleepover in our basement and she wouldn’t stay downstairs. Had to come back upstairs to sleep. The other thing that makes this so remarkable was that she was over an hour away from home. In the […]

Moving On Up


Waaaaaay back in January, I wrote about how 2015 is starting out as a stressful year. And it really hasn’t gotten any less stressful yet. As we are getting ready to transition out of the Bloorview School, I’m left feeling overwhelmed, nervous and weary. And I’m not alone. My friend Kara also has a son transitioning out of the Bloorview School and into a community school. Is it the fear of the unknown? That’s probably part of it for me. […]



I am so very fortunate that I still have many friends from high school. Most people lose touch after moving away from home, college or working. For me, it was difficult to keep in touch during the school year but we always caught up during summer vacation. Those are my favourite kind of friends- time can pass and whenever you get together again, you pick up exactly where you left off.

This is my friend Christie. We met in grade 8, […]

Special Needs and Social Media


Special needs and social media seem to go hand in hand these days. When Jillian was first diagnosed, I didn’t know many people in Toronto, let alone a friend who has a child with special needs. Since we live in a technology fueled world, I took to the internet to find other parents like me. Starting this blog, reading other blogs, joining groups on Facebook. The internet became my lifeline. And in a way it still is. Knowing that I […]

2015 Might Break Me


Hard to believe we’re already two weeks into January already. And already I’m thinking this might be the year that breaks me. Clearly, I’m probably being a little irrational but let me tell you some stories. We’re now looking for schools for Jillian to transition into. Her current school ends after grade 1 and even though I know we’ll be super prepared for the transition and Bloorview will help us find a good fit for her (and us!) but it […]

So…About That Wheelchair


Dear Mom from the Children’s Christmas Party Tonight,
Hi. I’m not even sure you saw me, although it’s slightly hard to miss when I’m walking behind Jillian. She’s cute, right? So is your son. Hopefully I wasn’t looking wistfully at your son. I never want to change Jillian but sometimes I get a little sad watching a child who makes walking look so easy. Jillian has to fight against her muscles to walk.
Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I’m writing this […]

Homemade Coffee Syrup- Perfect Gift!


I just wrote about an easy meal solution to give as gifts in my last post. The following year, I decided to make homemade coffee syrups and chocolate dipped spoons.
Materials Needed:

Basket (optional)
Tissue Paper (optional)
Cellophane (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
Teeny tiny mason jars
Crushed candies (IE: candy canes, toffee, chocolate chips, coconut, etc)
Plastic spoons (thick ones so they don’t start to melt)

Take 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar and place over medium high heat until the sugar dissolves and becomes a syrupy […]

Teacher Gifts- Working the Mason Jar


There are two times a year that I *pretend* I’m crafty. That happens to be at Christmas and at the end of school. Seriously. I can play 10 instruments but my mother couldn’t spare a little crafty gene? I like crafty, I just don’t do it well. We all have our talents, I suppose.
I know teachers don’t expect anything at Christmas or the end of the year but I like to take the time to show them they’re really valuable […]

Gail Vaz- Oxlade- Using your “Common Cents” Giveaway


Last month, I was given the opportunity to meet other P&G Moms and hear some really valuable information from Gail Vaz-Oxlade. If you’re unfamiliar with Gail, she is a popular Canadian newspaper, radio and television personality who wants us Canadian’s to be smarter with our money. And seriously, who couldn’t use some “common cents” tips?! Especially during the holidays!
I’ve talked before about how much I’m not a fan of Twitter (perhaps you’ve noticed I’m a little wordy!) That doesn’t stop […]

Holiday Hosting with P&G- Giveaway!


Phew! 24 more days until Christmas. I don’t know why but it seems to have come along pretty quickly here. Is it the same for you? Typically this season always goes by the fastest for me. Are you a family that entertains over the holidays? We don’t really entertain,  but we do enjoy inviting friends over and hosting my inlaws when they’re able to make it to Toronto. The girls look forward to that part every year!
When people visit, I […]