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About Me

HI! I suppose I should introduce myself. If you got here by accident, I’m sorry! But please, feel free to grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine (or whatever your beverage of choice is!) and join me while I describe my life.

My name is Cheryl, I like long walks on the beach and romantic candle light dinners. Oh wait. Wrong intro. I AM Cheryl, I am married to Adam (for 5 years, together for 10) mother to Lauren who is 4 and Jillian who is 2. (Well, if you want to get technical about it, she’s 2.5 years old, but, only 28.5 months adjusted- I really think she did this so she could have a shot at getting 2 birthdays.)

If you notice my title and wonder WHY I think my life is so hectic- this is why. Jillian was born at 30 weeks gestation, weight 3 lbs 9 ozs. After an uneventful NICU stay, she came home after 5 weeks. She started missing milestones at 6 months old, which is when my mommy radar went up.

After moving away from our family and friends, we take on the world the best we can. Living in a brand new city with 2 beautiful daughter, and one that just happens to be medically fragile at times has probably been some of the toughest times I’ve had in my life. I’m not at a point that I am eager to help other parents and listen. Sometimes, all we need is to be heard.

Our weeks usually include many doctors visits, specialists visits and a common cold can have us running to the Emergency Room. Thankfully my husband and I manage everything (mostly) in stride and all of this hasn’t cost me any grey hair yet, although, don’t talk to Adam, he’s got enough for the both of us!

So, please join me on our journey as a Canadian family of 4, dealing with 2 children as we fumble our way through life. Hopefully we won’t cause too much need for therapy in the future!

I just realized if you are new here and you want to catch up on our story, both pre and post diagnosis, check it out with these posts: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

And if you can’t get enough of me (and really, who CAN?!) I also blog at 5 Minutes for Special Needs every Monday morning.