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Think He’s Cheating?

I’ve been asked by some friends before if I thought their boyfriend/significant other has cheated on them. I honestly have no idea since I’ve never been in that predicament. Except that one time in high school. This is a guest post by Amanda.

Unfortunately, regardless of how secure you feel in the relationship, the other person may not feel the same way. A lack of communication and slow drifting from one another may give him the perfect opportunity to cheat on you. Infidelity is a common theme as the destruction of relationships, and you must know how to recognize and approach the problem. Many girls never think that they would get caught up in a relationship where their man is cheating. However, no one is above falling victim to a cheating man.

Notice the Signs

There are several warning signs that become apparent when you suspect that your man is cheating on you. Things like being jumpy with his cell phone, secretive about his whereabouts, less intimacy between the two of you and even just that feeling in the pit of your gut are all signs that you should not ignore. You’re not a bad person for finding his suspicious behavior fault-worthy, and you should do everything within your power to find out the truth.

Prove Your Theory

Instead of sitting around wondering and coming up with awful things in your imagination, take action. There are plenty of methods and tools designed for you to find out the truth. Entire stores are dedicated to helping people find out if their significant other is cheating. Places like Cheaters Spy Shop gives you access to tons of tools like hidden cameras, GPS trackers and phone memory retrievers. Using these things will help you quickly find out whether he is cheating on you.

Approach the Problem

Now that you’ve gathered significant evidence, it’s time to approach the problem. Remember, if you’ve used spy tools on him to find this out he may feel violated and upset. Instead of going into the details of how you know, simply tell him that you found out. Approach him like an adult and maturely bring his infidelity out in the open. There’s no need to be incredibly dramatic. You’ve done the hard part, now finish it.

Once you have picked out the warning signs, proved that he was cheating and approached the problem, it’s time to move on. Trust has been broken, and that is hard to recover from. While you may be able to salvage the relationship in the future, it is best for you to take a break and clear your head for a while. Using tools to help you is a great, effective way to figure everything out before it explodes and you become the fatality.

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  1. I kind of disagree with the ending here. Breaking the relationship depends on the level of the crime and why. If the guy has cheated before and continued with you then cut him out and run. Sometimes good long time marriages run into troubles. Sometimes a man did try to communicate but we busy moms dont hear it when he does and after a few years it drives him away. If both had a part in making the affair happen, there is still love and both are willing to work on things, then I dont think cutting off is the right thing. Ive seen quite a few couples go through this and half of them worked it out and are doing well. Again, its the level of the crime. Was it a one time mistake or a selfish gerk who only thinks of himself eh hem Tiger. Ive also been here personally and am doing well.
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