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An Impromptu Trip to Nova Scotia

Early in November, I received a call from my mother in law- Brenda, letting us know that her dad had a stroke and was in the hospital. I immediately felt bad and then chastized myself for not calling after we moved. I would think to myself “I should really call Grampy and see how he is” then life would get in the way.

Let me back up the train a little bit. Adam and I started dating when a few months before my Nanny passed away. Sadly, he didn’t get to meet her. During that initial greiving process, I told Adam “I’m never getting close to old people again… They just up and die on you”. My grandmother had passed away in March and Adam brought me home to meet his whole family in April. And his whole family included his grandparents, affectionately known as Granny and Grampy. When I was introduced to them, that was their “names” I didn’t know their first names and really, it wasn’t necessary- they were welcoming into the family. (I hear my mother in law doing the same thing… Telling people that are friends with us or our kids to call her Mimi and my father in law Pops) During our first Christmas as an official “couple”, I went to Adam’s house to exchange gifts with his family and spend time with Adam. I got a card that was signed “Gerald and Flo”I leaned over to Adam and asked “Uh… Who’s this?!” He rolled his eyes and said grampy and granny. Why didn’t they just sign that then?! And I guess now you can say the rest is history.

Excuse the quality of these pictures… I had to resort to taking a picture of a picture!

Aw, before marriage and kids… And apparently before a properly fitted bra. *face palm*

Since I am such an easy target to make fun of (I dish it back too!), Grampy had a lot of fun at my expense. Shortly after we moved to Toronto, Granny passed away. I was rooting around for coffee and only came across instant. I have never made instant coffee before, so I read the directions. And even after reading said directions- it turned out like sludge. No idea how that happened. Grampy had a good laugh about it too.

Once a year, we would all gather together for family portraits. Usually we’d get a bunch of different poses, couples together, grampy &granny, the whole family, etc. I loved that tradition!

Grampy got along so well with all of his grandchildren. And even got to meet 4 great grandchildren. Often when people pass away, you hear stories on how they lived their lives. I am learning so much about the man I thought I knew! I wish I could have asked him more questions or heard some more stories before he passed away.

(Seriously. Why do these get so tiny?! Click for larger version)

Grampy is still a huge mystery to me! I swear, no matter how long I’ve known them- I don’t know all of their stories and I wish I did.

(Whoops. That’s good and crooked. Jillian decided today to make commentary about everyone in this picture!)


  1. Melissa Jardine says:

    Very beautiful Cheryl.

  2. So sorry about Grampy.. I never got to meet any of my grand parents. All I have is stories from my family members but it wasnt until recently when I started poking around on that I found some really good stuff posted by distant relatives. This made me wish that I could have met them and heard all the juicy stories they had to tell as well. Have a safe trip.


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