film izle And then there were none- almost. Wordless Wednesday — The Beautiful Side of Hectic

And then there were none- almost. Wordless Wednesday

Well, today was back to school for Lauren. She was super excited to head back to school to see her old friends and teachers. But wait… Her teacher from last year is on sabatical and we were unsure of her new teacher situation. Still, my very brave 5.5 year old told me “Mom. It’s FINE. I’m sure I’ll know SOMEONE” Great. The kid, she’s growing up. I poised her carefully in on the stairs like last years picture. She exclaimed “MOM. HURRY UP!” So, I did.

Why yes, Lauren did turn into a biker chick this summer… What of it?

So I quickly got the kid to school to come home to Jillian having a meltdown that she wasn’t going to school today. Good news for us, Jillian had a meet the teacher day today at her new school. Have I mentioned my baby. is. taking. a bus? I’m a little freaked out by this fact. Stay tuned for Thursday’s meltdown/sob fest. I’ll be the loser mom following the school bus to school.

But look! Pictures!

*Click to enlarge*

From Top left to bottom right- Jillian getting familiar with some sand and one of the ECE’s. Jillian and her teacher. (Her teacher looks confused. I’m not sure what Jillian was saying) Jillian’s cubby (carefully cropping out the other kids around her) and Jillian with her teacher on the floor. She’s so excited for school. I just hope I’m ready on Thursday morning when the bus picks her up.  Just remember me, covering Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” (I know she’s not the original artist. I just like that rendition. And it was quick to pop in my mind!) when my babies are gone!

Me thinks school tired someone out. :)


  1. My kids were SO tired too! How funny!
    Candace recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Back To School

  2. yep, school is tiring my kids out too— YAY!!

    And there is nothing loser about following the bus to school on the first day… I would totally do that too :)
    Tarasview recently posted..#WW: Sleepover Invitation LINKY

  3. Aww, Cheryl! This is so sweet! That’s the one thing my mom said I’ll likely notice with my oldest; exhaustion! Those full days all week long tire a kid out!
    Kathryn recently posted..Giveaways Ending September 7

  4. Oh I LOVE pictures of kids sleeping in random positions! So cute.
    Elizabeth L recently posted..Bloggers Wanted: Secret Garden Playhouse Event

  5. so sweet. great photos. Hope Jillian has a good first day too
    sarah recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Linky

  6. That is so sweet!
    Jody @ Mommy Moment recently posted..Hole Toast Hearts #WordlessWednesday with Linky!

  7. A bitter sweet day indeed…she’s adorable!!
    Monica recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Wedding flowers {w/LINKY}

  8. Awww. Sweet pics!! Super good luck to you on Thursday morning!
    orangeheromama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Carrot Legs! w Linky!

  9. Looks like everyone is going to have a great year at school! Jillian’s classroom looks so much fun!
    Wendy [mapsgirl] recently posted..ww: ending the summer with a splash!

  10. Good luck! I am the mom who followed the school bus. My son was lost his first day of JK and it is a trauma that will never leave me. He was let off the bus 3 km from home.

  11. Oh how fun! Looks like it’ll be a great year of school :) My son was sooo tired after SK yesterday lol
    Brandi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday w/LINKY – Sibling Love

  12. someone was just so tuckered out… love photos like this!
    AnnMarie Brown recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ First Day of NOT Going Back to School

  13. My little one can’t wait for the day she can take a school bus. When she sees the bigger kids getting picked up at daycare she always always says ” Mommy someday I will go on the bus”. She’s only two so she has a while to go yet :)
    Mommy Outside recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – I Want to Hold Your Hand w/linky

  14. Mine just started JK this morning. I wonder how she’ll do! I hope she’s okay. I bet she’ll be tired like your little one too! What adorable photos! She is so sweet!
    Christine recently posted..#WordlessWednesday – She’s All Grown Up

  15. LOVE those days when school exhausted my daughter…I can only hope that will be the case today :)
    Laura recently posted..Family Bowling – Wordless Wednesday with LINKY

  16. Now Lauren is very happy and i wish fer success and peaceful future. Thanks for sharing.
    Andy Raphael recently posted..

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