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My Brief Brush With the Law

Unless you’re new around here, you’re probably already aware that I consider myself a goodie-twoshoes. So much so that I never snuck out of my parents house, didn’t do drugs, didn’t break curfew, didn’t drink until the week before my 19th birthday- anyway. I’m sure you get the picture. Now as I was saying… 2 weeks ago, Debbi, Jess, Lauren, Jillian and I set out in the early afternoon to check out Toronto’s fully accessible park (I have a few things to say about this, but I’m still trying to get the right wording.) Shortly after leaving the house, I noticed a police car behind me. I immediately start stressing. Why I fear authority is beyond me. The police officer then pulled me over a few blocks ahead. Asked for the usual suspects, license, registration, insurance info. I immediately panicked. I’m good at that. I then also remembered the sticker on our license plate had expired. (Whoops.) So I present  my licence and insurance but the registration was no where to be found. Go me. So ridiculous. The police officer then came back after what seemed like a stupidly long time (don’t forget I have 3 anxious girls in the backseat. :p) She presents me with my documents plus 2 pretty green tickets. By now- I’m a crying mess. The cop just looks at me and says “Uh. What’s the matter?” Me: “I don’t like being in trouble” She seemed to enjoy that one. :p Ignoring my stupid crying, she explained that my insurance card had expired (awesome. Why wasn’t the newest one in the car?) and that since my plate was expired, I was getting a ticket for that too. Lucky me. Definitely started our day off on the wrong foot. The cop then told me I could pay the fines (“Failure to surrender proof of insurance” – which in itself is stupid since I surrendered it, it was just expired. She should go back to take some English courses. So the lack of insurance card was a $62 fine and “No current validation sticker” would cost me $101.78 I find the fact that there’s tax on traffic tickets slightly amusing.), meet with a prosecutor to discuss possible resolution of the charges or go to court to contest the tickets. The cop even advised me that if I bring in proof of up to date insurance and the paperwork stating I had the new sticker on my plate, more than likely the charges would be dropped. I decided to go for it. You only live once.

I had 2 weeks from the date of the tickets to go to the court house to set a trial date. Obviously, since I’m a stellar procrastinator, I landed there yesterday- exactly 2 weeks from the date of the ticket. In my defence, I was a) waiting for pay day b) had planned on going on Wednesday which coincidentally was pay day but Jillian ended up getting another round of botox (yay!) on Wednesday.

I’m a huge people watcher and the provincial court didn’t let me down. Also, I felt the need to have someone keep me company and thankfully Amanda was  around to text with. Just an FYI I love colourful language. ;) (click to enlarge)


So now I wait. Apparently they’ll contact me within 6 months to set a trial date. If I don’t hear from them in 6 months, to call them. I can barely remember if I peed in the morning let alone something 6 months from now!

The chink really isn’t a good look for me.

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  1. OMG what is it with Ontario and tickets?! We got one for lighting a fire in Manitoulin – $615. No joke. We are gonna try to get it lowered. And no you’re not the only one with a fear of authority who embarrasses herself bawling like a baby when you get in trouble. Especially when it is not your fault *cough* hubby *cough* and especially not when it is in front of your parents who accuse you of not being good with money…twice. Who me? True story? Of course not!! *whistles*

  2. I haven’t gotten a ticket in years… mostly because when I first got my car I managed to get like a $1000 worth within 4 months. I’m extra careful now. :)
    Elizabeth L recently posted..Guest Post: Communicating with your child

  3. I hate being in trouble also….luckily, never gotten a ticket myself, yet…..
    ashley picco (mamawee) recently posted..CPR/First Aid

  4. Oh tickets are no fun! They’re definitely clamping down here in Ontario and we do our best to avoid it…although, I’ve known people who have done their best as well, and have still gotten tickets for silly things :S
    Brandi recently posted..CoverYourHair Review & Giveaway

  5. Oh my gosh! :( Sorry you had to experience that. I’ve received a ticket for parking overnight where I wasn’t supposed to…and I cried. As you can see, I’m no good when it comes to getting in trouble either. Hugs.
    Christine recently posted..Counting the Days Until #SCCTO! Want To Know Why You Should Attend?

  6. I remember my first and only ticket – it was female cop, she was a b* and I was miserable for 2 weeks. Nobody liks to be in trouble, some of us just take it more personally than others :)
    Ashley recently posted..I used to want to be naturally thin

  7. You ARE so badass!!! :D Great story made greater by your texts! Thanks for sharing.
    Shannon recently posted..Phone Contacts Picture Idea

  8. LOL! Oh dear. I’ve never had more than a parking ticket in my life. I did get pulled over one night during a check stop blitz the police were doing. I’d never been pulled over before, ever and I had had a glass of wine that night. It was one glass along with a pretty good sized meal so I knew I was ok yet I still was scared like a little school girl!
    Mommy Outside recently posted..Food Friday – Steak and Tempura Lobster Fresh Rolls

  9. oh my goodness! I kinda want to people watch at court now. Did they ever call you up to set a date?
    Alison recently posted..Best Buy Cyber Monday Sale

    • lol nope. If I don’t hear from them in 6 months, I’m supposed to call THEM. And if I do, it’s more than likely dropped since I brought all the documentation with me. :p

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