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Find The Coffee Lover in You

I used to have a somewhat unhealthy addiction to coffee. I can also almost pinpoint when it started. The culprit? University. I brag that I only pulled one all nighter through my whole student career. Not for lack of trying though. I definitely used to use coffee as a push to keep me going for a 3am subway run with my best friend Melissa.

My parents used to visit me frequently at school and our usual spot to start with was Tim Horton’s. We’re great Canadian folks you know. Anyway, I remember the shock on my dad’s face when I ordered coffee instead of something else. He then also cringed that I liked it “triple triple” (3 cream, 3 sugar) and asked if I actually wanted some coffee to go with my sugar. He prefers his black.

I’ve tried SO many different coffee pots. From cheap to pretty high end. When Tassimo first launched their brewer, I was super excited with the prospect of making my own “fancy” drinks (aka drinks I can never order right from Starbucks) at home.

I waited somewhat impatiently when I was lusting over a Tassimo. My husband totally might kill me for another coffee maker since I’m the only one who drinks it! Finally that day came and my Tassimo has a small shrine near the sink. ;)

Did I bore you with my coffee talk?! How awesome would it be to have a Tassimo of your own (shrine not included)? You’re in luck because Tassimo just launched a Facebook contest and each day, Tassimo will pick one lucky winner. Get in on the action! Not only would you receive a brewer, but also $100 in T-Discs. Rules are simple: Fill out the Tassimo Enter to Win survey and you’ll be entered into one of 30 Tassimo T55 plus $100 T-Discs. Good luck!

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