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Essential Oils: Do You Use Them?

Obviously, around these parts, we’re a fairly busy family, no denying that. Although, I do see  a wee bit of time opening up in the near future- what with both girls in school full time. Gah! Hold me! Right now, my inlaws are visiting from New Brunswick, toting with them a slew of new dietary requests and I’m left scratching my head. I’m completely behind their quest for health and well being, after all, I did do the zone a few years ago with great success. But, these are points for another post all together!

I belong to a few groups on facebook and every few weeks, a question surrounding essential oils pops up. Years ago,I belonged to a natural mothering forum and oil of oregano was brought up every few threads. I am not what you would call a crunchy parent (I bow down to them, I don’t know if I could juggle all of those balls!) but I do find rather un-traditional (even though these methods were tried and true long before conventional/modern medicine) practices really interesting. Oil of oregano has so many different properties that can benefit so much!

Another one of my groups is obviously a CP related group and we’re always talking about different ways to help our kids (as do all parents!) But essential oils were brought up again and in this spot, it kinda surprised me. It’s not really a big secret that sleep problems come hand in hand with CP (usually) and people have been using lavender oils for sleep disturbances for as long as I can remember. Now add in some arnica, sage and spearmint oil, I have a few things up my sleeve to try when this round of botox wears off. Thankfully websites like LiveTru exist! Makes shopping for these things so much easier.

So? What about you? Have you tried any essential oils? Have they worked and which ones have you tried? I’m eager to learn more about it for sure!

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