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5 Fun Crafts To Do With Kids

This comes at a great time since the girls and I have been doing a lot of crafts lately! The following is a guest post from Amanda

Doing arts and crafts projects with your children is a great way to bond and stimulate their minds. There are tons of fun projects out there with varying levels of skill required. Children love making special things with their hands. You may just discover your child has a special skill for art during craft time. Here are five fun crafts you can do with your kids:


Foam clay is easy to use, affordable and can help your kids create something special with their hands. Professional clay is expensive and harder to use, but foam clay dries fast and stays hard. This project is suitable for ages five and up. It should cost less than $10 for the supplies you need. Time amount will be a minimum of one hour. Skill level doesn’t matter. If your child has a desire to create something, then let them go nuts with foam clay.

Finger Painting Canvas

Finger painting is a great activity for ages two and up. Non-toxic paints and canvases are both cheap items that anyone can get. You can paint with your children to create a pretty painting for the wall. It will make your children feel special and important if their art is on the wall. You will spend at least one hour creating a painting.

 Seasonal Crafts

Holiday crafts are fun for the whole family. You will need a lot of supplies for this project. Scrap paper, glue, glitter and random pieces of cloth can be used. It is best suited for children ages six and up. Ornaments are great for all holidays, and they can be placed everywhere or given as gifts. You will only need a cute flag from to complete your home design for the season.

Beaded Jewelry

This craft is suitable for ages eight and up. Monetary investment is a little more substantial, but everyone will have fun making special jewelry to share. You simply need some beads and beading string. It can even be given as a gift. Time will be at least one hour per jewelry piece.

Cardboard Birdhouse

This fun task is suitable for ages nine and up. It requires scrap cardboard and a little glue. This is craft can be great for sprucing up the garden. Your children will love watching birds fly to their handmade houses too.

Crafts with kids is a great way to make special things and gifts for family. They usually require little investment and a small amount of time to get started. Just be sure to have fun with it.

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