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Where Have I Been Plus The Tale of New Ink

So, posting has been a bit erratic here. Sorry about that. Summer is in full swing here and I have 2 lovely little girls that are trying to drive me bat shit crazy just by my mere existence. Basically not jumping each time they whine “We want to go ouuuuuuuuuuut” I do have good reason for that though!

This my friends, was the way to jam our summer calender since Jillian has now been discharged from PT at Bloorview. Mainly because we are supposed to have off blocks and Jillian hasn’t ever had a full off block since botox usually falls into play around our scheduled time off. Hard to believe we get a summer off and then I decided to join the party.

Since I am pretty adept at giving a medical history, this is how my conversations went (roughly) triage nurse, nurse in urgent care and doc. Add in an orthopedic resident for fun. I go big or go home.

Me: My right knee hurts… About 2 days ago, I was walking down the stairs, carrying my daughter… *interrupted* “How old is she?” Me: “4… and” Them: “Why were you carrying her?” Me: (right about now I’m irritated that they keep interrupting me since I like to time myself giving histories. Gotta have fun some how) well, she has special needs and she isn’t feeling confident on the stairs at the moment (fingers crossed they don’t ask why…I just want to get in and get out. HA! Hilarious!) anyway, as I was saying, I was walking down the stairs, carrying my daughter and my knee popped and felt like it locked. Now, every step I take or press my gas peddle or thinking about my knee causes sharp shooting pains under my knee cap. It’s really not fun. Them: “Why did you wait 2 days before coming in.” Me: “because this didn’t consult my calender and I didn’t have time until today. Plus, I was hoping it would just go away. There was no trauma, no bruising, but it is swollen.” Them: “Ok. Take a seat. We’ll get you in as soon as we can”

After arriving at triage, I said that I hated coming to the ER for this, but it would be easier to be at one place that will do all necessary testing (like an x-ray) she agreed with me. I still ended up waiting forever, which was fine- the girls were with Debbi, I was actually able to read most of a book while I was there. I was given directions to wear that lovely splint for the next few days (and of course this all happened on our Canada Day long weekend) and follow up with the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. Too bad my appointment isn’t until tomorrow. Pretty sure it’s not healed yet, so hopefully tomorrow isn’t a waste of my time.

A little known fact about me: I have 2 previous tattoos. The first, a treble clef on my right lower back (not a tramp stamp, don’t get confused!) and I put it there so it was easily hidden with clothing. That is until my shirt rode up and my mom saw it underneath. Whoops. I was over 20 at the time, but she wasn’t a huge fan of permanent ink, even though my dad has some from his military career. (Funny story about tattoos, for the first 5 years of my life, we lived in Victoria, British Columbia. My parents routinely watched my younger cousin Karyn while her parents worked. One day, she asked my dad “Uncle Kent, why you colour on your arms?!” he explained he was young and stupid and she should never ever do it. She agreed. Shortly after, she made me mad, so I told her “you know what they would really love?! if you coloured your arms!” I handed over the markers and she went to town. I never fessed up to that until I was 22. My parents were shocked. ;) Now I think she’s one of the most tattooed member of our family!)

The second tattoo are 2 butterflies on my right lower leg, above my ankle. Jillian was only 7 months old, but I had decided I wanted to get something to symbolize both girls. I  originally planned on flowers, but they’re really not my personality. I settled on butterflies. A bigger purple one for Lauren and a smaller pink one for Jillian. I still love them.

When Jillian was diagnosed and I finally came to terms with the idea, I wanted to get something in honor of cerebral palsy. I didn’t exactly want to incorporate her name since I would have to find something equal for Lauren, but my wheels were definitely turning. I had decided the next location would be on my left inside wrist, somewhere where it would catch my eye often. I planned at first for just a cerebral palsy awareness ribbon, but then decided to add some text above.

This picture was taken immediately after it was finished, I need to take a better picture but it says “Inspire”. I have said so many times that Jillian has taught me more about parenting and myself than I ever thought possible. Her sheer will and determination makes her an inspiration to me (Lauren too!)


  1. I’m sorry your knee is still bothering you :( I hope your apt today goes better. Also I LOVE your new tattoo. That’s the EXACT location I want my Grandma’s tattoo soon. It’s beautiful!
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  2. Sorry about your knee… hope the Orthopod can do something to help you.

    I love your new tattoo and the symbol behind it… it is beautiful.


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