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Celebrating The 4th Of July

The following is a guest post from Amanda. These tips can be used all throughout the year!

It’s very easy to let the 4th of July devolve into utter chaos. In fact, that’s what most people want. Just a rowdy good time with barbeque, friends, fireworks, and mosquito repellent. But for families, chaos isn’t as fun as it is for college students on summer break. In fact, most families seek safe, constructive activities for the Fourth of July weekend. And why shouldn’t they? It’s the birthday of our nation!

Many parents struggle to bring creative fun to this celebration. Here are a few ideas for how you and your family can enjoy an exciting, but safe, Independence Day weekend:

Enjoy fireworks from afar.

Fireworks are beautiful and exciting, but they’re also dangerous.

Allow your family to enjoy some of the amazing fireworks displays that most cities put on for their citizens, but refrain from operating homemade, smaller fireworks from roadside stands. Thousands of children and adults are severely injured every year from malfunctioning firecrackers. Even properly functioning ones can be dangerous, especially to young children.

Take a cue from Easter. Easter is a wonderful holiday because it involves kids being creative, what with dying the eggs and what not. Why not lend that air of creativity and interactivity to the mid-summer celebration of our nation’s independence? Work on some art projects together, make your own flags, pick out Fourth of July gift baskets the whole family can enjoy. Turn the weekend into a family event that is both patriotic and fun!

Don’t forget your health! Just because you’re having a 4-day barbecue doesn’t meant you have to eat hot dogs with cheese whiz for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Look into some healthy options for feeding your family and friends. Don’t give in to the bad eating habits of the masses.  Grill up some vegetables, try some seared seafood, skip the chips. And in the morning, take a jog. Or organize a neighborhood baseball game so the kids can get some exercise. Why celebrate independence by hurting your health?

The Fourth of July is one of the most exciting weekends of the summer and everybody should have fun. It can be messy, hilarious, and wild. But that doesn’t mean you have to indulge in dangerous, unhealthy forms of entertainment and dining. This Fourth of July, make it a safe family weekend to remember.

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