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Avos Arrow, I kinda want one!

I was off for a busy day at Holland Bloorview today. Since I haven’t been there in almost 2 weeks, figured I should jam pack my day as much as possible. Plus, now that I have a sitter?! Who’s awesome?! Even better! My morning started off much earlier than usual since my first committee meeting started at 8:30. Anyone who knows me can probably bet I wasn’t on time. I would have been, however (shocking, I know) if Jillian would have gotten up the first 5 times I tried to get her up. I’m dreading teenage hood already!

My next meeting was at 11:00, and then a break until 1:00. Whenever I’m there over lunch, I meet with a few other people in the resource centre. Just as our lunch was done, I see a big white object getting walked through the doors. I’m quite used to all the medical paraphernalia around (hello… I volunteer in a hospital!) so something “odd” is bound to grab my attention.

By the door, I see Nancy (who is a total rock star and partner in crime from Wisconsin)  and Mike, an awesome guy who built Jillian’s latest pair of AFO’s. (Side note…When picking out the pattern for her new splints, we were flipping through all the possibilities. On one of the cards, there were Disney Princesses. Unfortunately for Mike, Tinkerbell isn’t a princess and she said “well, I guess I’ll take princesses. Even though Tinkerbell isn’t a princess!” Mike kind of giggled at her and said that nothing could get past her. We received her new splints, sans Tinkerbell. ;)) Anyway, as I was saying. This big giant white thing was coming in the door. We have a display case right before you enter the library/resource centre. They placed the object there and obviously, I had questions.

 Ha! From this angle, it looks like the people are in there!

That above my friends is the Avos Arrow. It is an arm trike developed by Mike (Jillian’s orthotist) and driven by Greg Westlake who happens to be a Canadian paraplegic Olympic medal winner. Recently, they raced it in Arizona and it beat world records!

 This is probably one of my most favourite pictures!

Just to show you a quick shot of Mike, the awesome guy behind Jillian’s princess AFO’s and this amazing hand trike, he’s so passionate about his work and totally put Jillian (and I at ease). Jillian and I are old hats when it comes to AFO casting and Mike was so great to work with and easily won Jillian and I over. I’m so lucky to work around all of these people!

I really want to ride this trike. It looks so fun, but it doesn’t look like I’ll fit with legs. Bummer, I’m willing to cut one of mine off!




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