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Media & Friends At The Science Centre!

This past weekend, we got to head to the Ontario Science Centre to check out the science behind the circus. When I say it was fun, that’s probably an understatement. (We also got to experience the science centre in October, it was pretty fabulous!) Upon entering, we saw the big top right in front of us. I happened to bring my girls, Debbi and Jessica. The girls were all excited, plus it didn’t help matters that the centre was running a scavenger hunt and the girls wanted to make sure they got everything on their list!

Since it was on a Saturday and I have a hard time motivating myself in the morning on any given day, we arrived at the science centre at 11:00. Being the science behind the circus, they had a tight rope up! I really wanted to give it a shot but since we got their a little later than my liking the line up was always long. And rightfully so! It looked like so much fun! We did have a chance to browse around a bit and take some pictures in circus costumes. The outcome was pretty hilarious. Since Adam didn’t really get a day “off” for Fathers day, I texted him this picture-

And said: “Aren’t you glad you’re not with us?! You know I would make you dress up like this!”
I think he would have made a lovely addition to our circus!

In addition to the circus exhibition there was also a closed event for member’s and media to see. It was all about sports and there were various stations around the room. The one that interested myself and my gang was the wheelchairs in the back. They were set up so they’d stay in one place, but, you got a feeling on how hard it really is to propel a wheelchair.

I ended up wheeling with Jillian. I didn’t manage to grab a picture of that, mostly because I gave Debbi my phone with the wrong screen open! My on fault. After Jillian and I were done, I said “MAN! Jillian! My shoulders hurt! That was hard” She looked at me completely dead pan and said “uh mom… I know.” She really should know by now that I love stating the obvious!

We were also given tickets to see an IMAX movie and the new star trek exhibit. Sadly, Jillian started to feel sick, so we missed out a bit. My friend Diana (who blogs at Toronto Teacher Mom) and I decided we will head back to the science centre without the kids in tow. Just to watch what we missed!

Shortly before leaving, we went up to the human body exhibit. There is an elevator that goes to that floor, but I have yet to find it. It might help to read the signs. We spread out a bit and the girls went exploring. I was talking to Debbi and decided to go check on what they were doing. Jessie was playing with inflatable lungs and Lauren? Well, she was watching a video on reproduction. Awesome. I was hoping I had another few years before all the nitty gritty came out. ;) I texted Adam (again) and said “Um… Lauren might have questions about the prostate gland. You’re going to be the one to talk to her.” Thankfully she forgot it. Or she’s waiting until Adam’s not home to spring it on me. Yay. Parenthood rocks!

I’m sure we’ll be hunting for things to do during the summer. Maybe we’ll head back to the science centre since I still don’t think I’ve seen it all!

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