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Excuse Me, I’m Trying To Blog

You’re clearly distracting me. No idea what’s up lately, but I’ve been super stressed out with a headache that has lasted far longer than it was invited. Clearly, it had no sense of reading a calender since I don’t have time for this inconvenience. So anyway. As I was saying…

The last few nights I have sat here, on my totally uncomfortable couch with the dashboard to this very blog open. I sit here and look at the blank screen. Pop over to Facebook, refresh. Hop over to g-mail. Refresh. Check spam for anything important. Come back to the dashboard. Talk to Rhea, then back to Facebook to refresh. You probably get the picture. Also? On a really bad night? I head over to the twitter. Sometimes I have a procrastination problem.

Speaking of…

So, instead of an actual post, here are a few things that have totally tickled my fancy around the interwebs. You’re welcome. ;)

In all honesty, this totally explains Rhea and I.

And for your daily dose of inspiration:


  1. Would your gang sign be something having to do with vaginas?

  2. Guilty. I’m so a self-distraction. lol. Darn you internet!
    LisaMarie recently posted..5 Ideas For Summer Fun

  3. Distraction… what is that… oh my lands totally kidding. I am always distracted like now… should be helping put up a loft bed and here I am… time to get off this computer and start working for the day.
    AnnMarie Brown recently posted..We have found a place to live!!!!

  4. Oh for the love of Pete would you begin to love the Tweeter already!!
    I have social media ADHD most of the time, migraines are a way of life for me and distracting for sure….
    SoberJulie recently posted..2 Days Left to #WIN with @SkateLabCanada on Twitter – #LabRat Trivia

  5. I know the feeling pinterest is just way more fun the blog work!
    Jennifer recently posted..Tales from a McDonald’s Play Place

  6. I totally get distracted all the time! Damn internet for being so interesting. Working is no fun. Playing around on the internet is! LOL!
    Brandy @insanemamacita recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Relay for Life

  7. Thank you! :D Those were awesome (and new!) to read while I procrastinate. (Seriously, why is procrastination such a bad thing, lol.)
    Aeryn Lynne recently posted..Nearly 6.5 Million LinkedIn Passwords Have Been Hacked

  8. LOL! I know the feeling. Totally distracted…all the time! ;)
    Christine recently posted..A Good Year

  9. Those are cute! This might be totally too personal but have you paid attention to your headache and your period? I’ve just found that they paired with the week off from my birth control were giving me violent, non curable headaches. Once I changed pills it totally helped the issue!
    Ashley S recently posted..How did that happen?

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