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What’s Wrong with Passion?

The other day, I was told about a link my friends found about a guest who would be appearing on the Dr. Phil Show. Apparently, there is a woman in my back yard (not technically, but she lives in my province) that approached one of our television stations when she read an editorial that made her angry. I realize I do this. I’m so passionate about advocacy and special needs, perhaps you’ve noticed that around here. ;)

This woman- Annette Corriveau- was outraged over a bill that wasn’t approved (nor had it ever been approved) Annette has two children and at around age 4, she noticed something wasn’t right. Months of testing and appointments, they received a diagnosis of Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare chromosomal defect in which there is no cure. Her children now live in a home and are fed by g-tube. She would like to have the option to euthanize her children. Robert Latimer was her inspiration. He’s now spending time behind bars for killing his own daughter, who had cerebral palsy.

This whole situation makes my head spin. She claims if her children knew their living conditions, they wouldn’t want to live anymore. How does she know? Mothers intuition only goes so deep. Her children cannot speak for themselves, so in my eyes it makes it seem like they’re a burden to her now, that they’re not the perfect children she had always dreamed about.

I posted about this on my facebook status. And since I like to beat dead horses, I threw in the ‘my kid is a cripple‘ card. Obviously, I don’t expect all of my friends to read everything I write. I was asked if I actually use the word cripple, and I don’t. Unless I’m talking about me during an RA flare. After I explained, I had a few good (aka supportive) comments, and although I don’t normally take criticism well, I always entertain the thoughts of other people. I was left shaking my head when someone told me that I shouldn’t ‘go off’ and that I’m passionate.

Honestly? I love that I’m passionate. I also do realize that sometimes I come across as harsh or abrasive when it comes to things like this, but I really don’t mean it. I just get really heated about some things! And apparently this situation is one of those things.

To end this post on a happy note, a friend of mine posted an advertisement yesterday about a stroller. I was really confused why she was posting a stroller ad! Apparently some of her friends were confused too.

I opened the ad to make it bigger and still didn’t see a big deal. $19 whole dollar savings?! I read her following comment though about liking the model. I looked again and noticed the child had Down Syndrome. Funny, I didn’t see a big difference to begin with. I am happy though that there are companies using all types of children!


  1. I love that your passionate! People generally only have issue with the passion of others when it doesn’t mesh with their own.
    Sheri recently posted..Where do you need Lysol Fabric Mist?

  2. Ok first off thank you for sharing the vid, I just watched all of it and it’s provided food for thought. These grown children of Annette’s are almost exactly like clients I lived/worked with in my 20’s.
    I can totally see her point, watching someone deterioriate to a living coma state is baffling, there really is no proof that these people are still cognitively there at all, save for the fact they are breathing.

    My faith dictates my answer for today but reflecting on our tachnological advances has me pausing… can I say of course we HAVE to deny euthanasia today when had these 2 people been in this state 40 years ago they would have passed from “natural” causes.

    It’s a quandry I’m not envious of.
    SoberJulie recently posted..I’m a “Baller” Now Thanks to the 2012 Escalade Hybrid

  3. I agree with what Sheri said. I think it’s fabulous to be passionate about causes that are important to you…or just be passionate in general. I’m a huge advocate for high risk pregnancy/preemie awareness as well as heart and stroke, and cancer awareness. All of these have hit so close to home and we’ve been directly affected by them.

    I have a friend who is very passionate about helping people with bereavement and trisomy 13 (she lost her infant son). I think her work is wonderful and she is truly dedicated to the cause. People sometimes think she is over the top and in your face. I just think she’s passionate about what is important to her. :)
    Christine recently posted..Kenya Help?

  4. I am a passionate person and I assume it! There is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes my passion or causes are not the same as others and I respect that!
    olfa recently posted..Book Review: How to be Angry

  5. Passion is good. It’s what drives change. Complacency is the enemy.

  6. It’s the passion in people that changes the world. I’m passionate about everything I do, it’s what makes me who I am and what makes me strive for my best. Be passionate and teach your children the same thing, they’ll be better people for it!
    Ashley S recently posted..Kinder + Madagascar 3 + Prizes = Awesome!

  7. Wow. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have my children not even aware of their surroundings. I imagine it must be beyond tough.

    I love that the ad you showed features a child with a special need, that’s great!
    Kathleen recently posted..REVIEW: Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software #blogathon2

  8. You are awesome at all you do and should be proud of your passion for things!
    Jenna @ For The Love of Baby! recently posted..Caption the Babies Photo #funny

  9. Having a passion is awesome. It means you really care. And maybe you will help make change happen. I would love to say I have a passion for things but I am still trying to find out what.
    Brandy @insanemamacita recently posted..Week Twenty One of Project Happy

  10. I’m passionate about things too, whether I write about them or not is another story. I love the ad and you’re right, I never noticed anything different and think it’s great!
    Canadian Dad recently posted..A Simple Reason Why Being a Parent Is So Incredible


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