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Night 3 from the Ex-Co-Sleepers

Interesting title, yes? When Adam and I decided to expand our small family of 2 and consequently got pregnant with Lauren, all of the typical “what if” questions were asked during our time apart. He was working in Georgia for work and making fun of me for going to bed at 7pm when I was very newly pregnant. We clearly have a loving relationship.

Nearing my due date, we talked about where the baby would actually sleep for the first few months. Don’t laugh at us. We were clearly naive parents who thought their kid would sleep. I said I didn’t want her in our room. Adam was the one who talked me out of that one, since it would be easier to  get to her in the middle of the night. Clearly, he was a realist. As dutiful first time parents, we set up the basinette in our room. I vowed only to have her in there until she slept through the night. And that’s basically what happened.

Shortly after settling Lauren into her own room, we were told we were moving to Toronto for 3 months for a work contract for Adam. Ok. 3 months. I can handle that. Lauren was only 8 months old at the time. Adam arrived in Toronto 3 days before we did. Upon his arrival, he called me to tell me we only had one bedroom. Ok. 3 months. No big deal. I was bringing a playpen, so she could sleep there.

Next thing we know, 3 months turns into years (almost 5 now). We got pregnant with Jillian. Shortly before Jillian’s arrival, Lauren started experiencing night terrors. Not just once or twice. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. It was much easier to bring her into bed with us since she didn’t seem to have them as much. This is when things start going downhill. ;)

When Jillian was just over 1, we ended up being placed in a 2 bedroom corporate apartment. FINALLY! Jillian still slept in the playpen, but that was becoming clear it wouldn’t last much longer. Lauren got her own room yet one of us had to stay in there for her to fall asleep. And then she’d usually make her way back into our bed. Sometimes, not even waking us.

Shortly after Jillian’s diagnosis, she began having trouble sleeping. A common thing in kids with cerebral palsy. It seemed as though she was in pain every night. Sleeping totally curled up in a little ball because her legs were sore. Adam and I did the next logical thing (ok. logical to us…) we brought her into bed with us. Before botox, she usually sleeps with her knees bent and falls asleep with them under Adam’s arm or on my hip.

When we finally moved into this house, I joked my room looked like a refuge camp. We could only get a queen sized bed when we bought ours from Ikea (they didn’t stock king size at that store. What the what?!) So, we made a big deal that Lauren would have her own room. That didn’t last long. Shortly after, her mattress was drug over and put on our floor. And for the last 2 years, that’s how we slept. Adam and I, Jillian in the middle and Lauren on a mattress on the floor.

3 nights ago, we made the leap. Adam decorated Lauren’s room like a big girls room and we waited to see what would happen next. Lauren had requested Christmas lights on her wall, a giant sun lamp shade for her ceiling (which her grandparents bought her for Christmas) to go with the star nightlight she has. Jillian, not wanting to be left out, joined Lauren in her room for a sleep over. We’ve had success thus far. The first night they both slept there until 5:30 (and I think the only reason Lauren woke up was because Jillian was crying). Last night, Jillian came in with us at 1:30, but Lauren stayed all night. It’s baby steps and all.

I’ve always known my kids were a little weird. They both slept by themselves for a while before coming into bed with us. Maybe… Just maybe we’re just giant suckers. ;)



  1. Shannon says:

    At 6 months old Scotia wakes up every morning at around 6-6:30am. Usually it’s because Joe is getting up for work. He picks her up and brings her to me in our room. She’ll eat and go back to sleep with me in our bed until about 8:30am (if not disturbed by the barking dogs in our neighbourhood… grrrr). Now I understand that I’m letting this happen simply because it’s the easiest for me…. But I fear the consequences will be that this ‘coming into Mommy’s bed’ will become so routine I’ll have a hard time breaking her of it.
    I DON’T want to be a co-sleeping parent. I am a bed-hog. I enjoy my space. Frankly, if I could I’d kick out Joe. :) I just don’t want to have to ‘share’ with Scotia. I love her, but I also LOVE sleep. :)

  2. Your kids are definitely so cute and I hope when I have my kids soon, they will be as cute and adorable as yours.. Great post anyway!
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  3. Crossing my fingers for you it keeps moving to non co sleeping for you. I have a King and can’t imagine my kids sleeping with me.
    Nolie recently posted..THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY Blu-ray Combo Pack Giveaway

  4. I co slept for a long time but it eventually goes the other way. As kids get older they want their own space. I think if it works out for Lauren then Jillian will eventually follow. Creating a cool room was a good idea.

  5. I am excited for the girls to have their ‘big girl’ room and excited for you to get your space back
    re co-sleeping they are little for such a short period of time I think it is important to do whatever works for you and your family
    I just love a sleeping child and mine are now both past cuddling up with me.

  6. DynnaLou says:

    Sometimes, it is also important to have our own room and a different room for the kids we have.. But there are times that it is sweeter to sleep with them..
    DynnaLou recently posted..Remedies For Gout

  7. Yay! You are so close to getting your bed back! None of my boys were ever co-sleepers, but then again, none of them ever had night terrors. Otherwise, things probably would have been different for us.
    Kathleen recently posted..When You Feel Like You’ve Failed Your Child

  8. Your post is interesting. You are so close to getting your bed back! None of my boys were ever co-sleepers, but then again, none of them ever had night terrors. Thanks for pinning.
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