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Cripple Coalition?

3 times in one day… (blogging, that is). I came across something completely sickening today. Some people are saying that this person just made all of these rants up, but frankly, someone had to come up with this exact choice of words that I will explain below.

Special needs blogging is somewhat of a tight fitting group. No matter what our children have been diagnosed with, we all find ways to muddle through things together. And show each other kindness and empathy as only  other special needs parents can. (No hating on those typically developing kids parents, I know some of them who get it too! ;))

Here is what I found: (warning, this picture has offensive language in it)

In case it is difficult to read, it says: “What is with all the special needs kids in the regular park? I thought they had parks for them.

This says: “I’m not saying that crippled kids do not deserve to have fun. I’m saying that real kids do not need to look at the cripples. What if my nephew just ate lunch and then went to the park and saw a drooly retard on his slide? Should my precious nephew have to slide through the Down Syndrome Kid’s train? I would argue NO.

Finally: “Amy, I do not really disagree with you. I just think that liberal America uses the term special to describe these kids. They are not special. They cannot contribute to anything useful. They are fine. I am not sure what to do about this. Obviously, I can’t teach my kids that belief. I just hate being with my nephew and waiting for some kid that makes animal noises and drools to slide down the slide. AND then the mom and dad act like it was an accomplishment. The kid deserves the best kid he can have, but he is a genetic failure and should not be afforded priority. Sometimes retarded kids work hard and become ashamed, but I am not going to tell you that I feel differently”

Wow. A lot to take in, right? I don’t even think I can begin to formulate proper sentences. When I first read this, I was seething. I don’t care if it was a joke or not. This is definitely not acceptable. First off: Have you seen many special needs parks? Because I haven’t. And I live in a huge metropolitan area in Canada. The equipment is really expensive, just like all the other things for my daughter.

Apparently “crippled” kids deserve fun too. Wow! How big of you! I really hope your nephews parents are instilling better morals and values than you have. What if my “typically developing” daughter sneezed on the slide. Would it be ok for your precious little nephew to maybe, almost, touch it? And frankly, sometimes when I’m giggling hysterically, I drool too. I best stay off the slides.

I do celebrate every little accomplishment. You have no idea how full of determination my daughter is. So excuse me while I stand at the sidelines, praising the fact that she pulled herself up to standing. With your way of thinking, perhaps YOU are the faulty gene. Maybe you should have a little faith in all retarded kids to help them mainstream. Clearly, they would probably win at the human race more than you would.

Now, please step aside. My cripple and I would like to run over your toes.

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  1. Wow. Some people really should just NOT talk. The things she said. Make my skin crawl. I would probably completely lose it on her or anyone who spoke such a thing to me. Very concerning that a human being could think that, and then let the world know it. Not something a person should EVER speak or type out loud. I will gladly slide through the drool and the snot, and have fun because that is all they are trying to do too.

    My children, would be in a lot of trouble if they ever talked poorly about any human being, whether disabled or not. Everyone is equal, with their own unique characteristics.

    Christine @MommyMatter recently posted..Tourists from Hell

  2. You know what Cheryl, I thought the exact same thing. It is not just our children who drool. What about the babies that go to the park that drool over everything. Or the kids that are sick with colds that snot all over everything. I think children with special needs are more loving and and goal oriented then that of a typical child. (my experiance). Bean always is loving and wants to do well with what ever task that is put in front of her, and damn straight I am going to be excited and praise her when she succeeds. Just like I would with her typicall brother.

  3. Sigh. That is sickening. Tell Jillian to gun it! (the wheelchair, I mean).
    Louise recently posted..‘That quality we add is humanity’

  4. Wow. I have no words. That is so ignorant. Horrible.
    Brandy @insanemamacita recently posted..Social Media Addiction

  5. Oh for the love of pete some folks don’t deserve to have an internet connection…..or a tongue. My Christian side is saying I’ll pray for her and those around her and my nasty-mama side is visualizing Jillian and I playing monster trucks with her wheelchair over said woman….sigh
    SoberJulie recently posted..Almost forgot I Still Have Alcholism for a Minute

  6. What can you even say about this? She uses the term “Liberal America” at one point but I’m pretty sure she just heard that term on the news once and decided it sounded good in her ridiculous rant. Hopefully you can take solace in the fact that people like this are few and far between. This one here isn’t even worth wasting another word on.
    Canadian Dad recently posted..I Can’t Wait For @Disneyland To Open #CarsLand This June!

    • Like Canadian Dad said “Hopefully we can take solace in the fact that people like this are few and far between “. Apparently this one here born with a brain wired for empathy and compassion . So then a person incapable of feeling empathy and compassion for other people should be considered a genetic failure and not afforded priority. Therefore her distorted thoughts and ugly words shall remain meaningless. Liberal America was built from human compassion.

  7. WHAT. THE. F*CK!??!!??!!? She should be ashamed because she is a horrible, horrible person!! Holy crap, I can’t believe that there are people out there so horrible!! :(
    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted..Foster Kitten Cuteness: IT’S SO FLUFFY!


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