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Dear Toronto Transit: Try Again?

Recently Adam came home saying that he got to try one of the new subways. He said they’re wheelchair accessible, and very stylish. But, he mentioned there was a gap that he thought would make it difficult for someone in a wheelchair to cross.

I got to meet the fabulous Tenille from Feisty Frugal and Fabulous a couple weeks ago (seriously, she’s the cutest ever. Even after going on a super LONG walking tour of downtown Toronto with her lame tour guide ME. Sorry, Tenille. I own you one. ;))

 (See?! She’s so freaking cute after a 3.5 hour long flight and then a ridiculously long walking tour!)

Anyway… As I was saying. Transit system. I got a little distracted with my cute date and poutine. The way we managed to work it out, was I would pick up Lauren and then head into downtown, pick up Adam and he dropped me off. I was to subway and bus back home. It’s not something I do often, so I was pretty excited to see one of the new trains.

Pretty, yes?

As I boarded, I was a little dismayed. I am pretty clumsy by nature (poor Lauren gets that honestly too) and realized I tripped over the threshold of the train. Well, score one for me. I was noticing how pretty it was and not watching where I was going. But wait. My kid. You know, the one in the wheelchair? Or at least the one that will be in a manual wheelchair by June? Obviously, she won’t be able to self propel onto a subway without me, but looking at this little gap – she wouldn’t be able to get herself over that.

Continuing on this journey home, I had the privilege of watching someone in a wheelchair board the subway.  In my previous life, I always offered to help people.  I’m still apt to do that now, but I try to see if my help is needed. I feel like I’m in a really weird spot. Jillian doesn’t want me to do everything for her, nor do I want to do that for her. It’s an odd spot for me. As the person boarded the train, managed to hop over the little gap and look at the anchor bolts and decide against them. Not sure what that was about. I don’t know much about personally being a wheelchair. I just wonder if they actually HAD someone in a wheelchair on their planning committee. I’m learning now that my input at Holland Bloorview as a parent is important. I want to know if they consulted people in wheelchairs before they rolled out these awesome expensive trains.


  1. It really does many people in many situations to work out kinks and defects in plans. I always say that moms/parents should help design everything from shopping carts to car interiors to public restrooms. We think of everything
    Melinda@LookWhatMomFoundandDadtoo! recently posted..A Labor of Love

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