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Our House

Is a very very very fine house! Since moving in here almost 2 years ago, we have been pretty happy here. There are a few things I would like to change, and they have been on mind since moving in here. I guess I just like dreaming and not ‘doing’!

One of the improvements we wanted to do is to build a ramp on the front of our house so Jillian’s chair could go up and down easily. We even asked my father in law to help us draw some plans, figure out what materials we needed, etc. My inlaws have built a few houses with the sole purpose of fixing them up. Originally, it was because my father in law was laid off and the small price of a fixer upper would help in the long run. Now my inlaws do it for fun, I swear!

Even growing up, after my parents had purchased our first house- after living in PMQ’s for 13 years, they were quite handy. Building decks, sheds etc. Although I wasn’t your typical girl, I was not interested in home renos. I should have paid more attention though. It could come in handy now.

Thankfully, my father in law is pretty good at explaining the items we would need. Adam also isn’t bad since he helped with a lot of the renovations throughout his childhood. Frankly looking at Composite Decking, Composite Fencing (I would LOVE to replace the chain link fence around out property, perhaps I shall call out landlord!) and Composite Railing makes my head spin! Although, it might help me get some frustration out to start pounding nails into things? Knowing my luck I’d hammer my thumb or something. And Lauren received the clumsy gene from me, poor girl.

Are you do it yourselfers? Do you have a deck or fence you have put together by yourself? What did you use?!

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  1. I did a composite deck for my last home. It was a big project, a 12’x40′. It takes a it longer than wood because you should drill pilot holes for your screws first, instead of just shooting nails. It is definitely worth it though. It was maintenance-free, no staining. The most I ever had to do to it was lightly pressure spray it to keep it clean. I would do it again if I had the chance.
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  2. Last two I received a kind of gift from my friend a set of composite deck, And I am glad that I used it valuable in my stuff at the house… I think it a matter on how you use it…
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