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Asian Pimp?

While I was in the grocery store today, I saw this man…Someone who looks like (or at least to me…) a pimp. Adam and I were having a no good, very bad day, so I decided to let him know what I saw.

(Let me preface this by saying we are not homophobes or racist. The language I chose to use was a hopeful one, To destress Adam. ;))

I know, I know you shouldn’t take pictures of people and post them without permission. However!  There was a slight incident on my way out of the store. I probably looked like some crazy stalker chick. He didn’t even notice. Discouraged, I continued my shopping. Then I saw him paying and I thought “boo. Mission aborted” Finishing up my shopping, I heard yelling. I was on my way to the check out. Since I practically live at the grocery store,  I’m getting to know some of the staff. (Also? A wee bit taboo? Asian Pimp ran, and watch his mannerisms, and I like to joke that since I had a long list of gay boyfriends from high school that I have fabulous gaydar!)

What do you know!?! Asian Pimp is back!  The fighting escalated. Yelling, the gentleman that was supposed to help me was getting annoyed with Asian Pimp. Apparently? What they were fighting about? Asian Pimp forgot to use coupons when he went through the cash previously. And you know’s even MORE hysterical?! The coupons added up to $2.00. TWO freaking DOLLARS. I’ve decided that he is a crap ass pimp.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s Asian Pimp. Really, I’m only posting this in case I need to contact crime stoppers when he burns down the grocery store close to my house.


  1. LMAO! Oh I needed this.
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  2. Hey I know that grocery store
    Nolie recently posted..What was the #1 song the day you were born?

  3. OMG, That’s hysterical! I wish I could take good pictures in rearview mirrors. There was a couple behind me in the drive thru yesterday that looked straight out of People of Walmart.

  4. I don’t even know what to say about this……coupons be outta control yo.
    Heather recently posted..Today Was Not a Good Mommy Day

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