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Fall Has Come

Or at least it’s trying to. And I can’t say I’m overly thrilled about this fact. If I could live everyday in flip flops, I probably would. Generally for me, I pull out my flip flops as soon as all the snow melts, usually at least 1-2 snow falls too early, but I live life dangerously. My toes get cold, but that’s ok. I lived in Newfoundland…And if the temperature was above 15 degrees Celsius (59 for my American friends) for 3 days, it was considered a heat wave. I’m sure I looked pretty stylish with my flip flops, shorts, gloves and a jacket riding my bike! (That must be where the girls get their killer fashion statements)

                                                                                                      Enter Exhibit A

There are often times that Adam rolls his eyes at me, after purchasing yet another pair of flip flops. He just doesn’t understand them as well as I do. Plus, they don’t last forever, might as well stock up during a sale! In my quest to find the perfect flip flop, I have been known to buy more than one pair a year.

I also find it very important to coordinate my flip flops according to my outfit. (I know.. I know… Maybe I need an intervention) I always want different flip flops with cool colours or designs. I’m clicking happily away when I see Havaianas Sandals. I thought I had gone to flip flop heaven. Then reminded myself that Adam would surely kill me if I bought a pair in every colour/pattern!

Perhaps Adam just hasn’t found his perfect flip flop yet. Although, coming from the man who whines about going sneaker shopping (for him) I’m kinda over it. As with everything, not every pair of women’s sandals are going to be perfect for you or your friends. But, I certainly have fun trying! 


  1. Can’t help you with the flip flop conversation…never know when my PT might be lurking….(I have 5 pairs shhh..)

  2. I have a problem when it comes to Old Navy’s metallic flip flops. They were 2 summers ago and came in lovely gold, silver, bronze, and pearly white. They were made out of a ‘squishier’ then Old Navy’s regular flip flops and so WAY more comfortable. I bougth three pair that first summer, one of which was the pearly white which I wore at my wedding after the ceremony.

    Last summer I noticed Old Navy was really just putting out the reminder of last year’s stock. There wasn’t any pearly white left! So I bought bronze and silver out of fear of not having any in my life…..

    This spring came and out went the last of the stock they had and I HAD to scoop up another Bronze pair.
    I now have about three pair of these flip flops that I have worn, and about 3 pairs hiding in my closet that haven’t been worn yet…. I keep finding a pair stashed places lol

    • Crap I can’t type today. Apparently I was SO excited about flipflops I was getting ahead of myself in my typing. lol

    • I did the same thing with the Old Navy Metallics!! I refuse to break out my stash of new ones until the others are completely dead….lol. I’ve worn this first round of them almost every day for the last couple summers and they really don’t show much wear and come clean very easy. Hopefully Old Navy will bring them back in the next couple years so I can stock up again. They are the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. I did buy some of the regular ones so I had a variety of colors but the ‘buttons’ that connect the straps hurt the sides of my feet. You can feel them in there.

  3. I love sandals too, but dang, no one told Florida that is is fall. We can’t get out of the 90’s and I am about to die!

  4. I love Havianas. Hadn’t been on the website before. Very cute, esp the bridal styles.

  5. I have Crocs flip flops because they’re not fugly like the clogs and they don’t make my feet hurt like other brands. I live in them for as many days a year as I can get away with it.

  6. I’m sad to put away my sandals too – but I did go though the summer without a traditional thong fliip flop!

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