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Church and Dwight, Popular Canadian Brands You Know and Love: Review & Giveaway

Earlier this week, I had a fabulous opportunity. I met with Church and Dwight at a very intimate blogger meet and greet. I was pretty excited to go, since this was my first meet and greet. Of course, true to Cheryl form, I was running late and I was extremely angry that I was late! Especially since I left with PLENTY of time to spare. But of course something had to screw with that, and street cars in downtown Toronto were on diversion because they’re fixing the road, RIGHT WHERE I NEEDED TO BE. I kept saying “wow. You’re SO going to make a great first impression”. Thankfully, it was ok when I walked in a little bit later than I wanted to. Phew!

Myself and 3 other bloggers got to listen about some popular Canadian brands that are on the market now. While reading the invitation, I had no idea that Church and Dwight had so many popular name brands. Some of which included: Gravol, Rub a-535, Arm & Hammer and Nair. It was definitely exciting to see the brands I know and love that I use regularly in our home represented by the same firm. Also, to see newer products that have just launched on shelves was pretty exciting as well.

What’s In It For You?? One of my CANADIAN readers will win a fabulous prize pack from Church and Dwight. Some of the prize pack will include:

(And there may be a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure!)


(Nitty gritty details: This giveaway is open to CANADIAN residents only (Sorry, American friends, perhaps you should come to the better country, yes? The contest will close on July 31 at 9pm EST. I will pick a winner using “And the Winner Is” plugin. In case of plugin failure, I will use Winner will be notified via e-mail and you must respond to my e-mail within 48 hours or I will have to find another winner. *please don’t do that… I’m lazy*)

Mandatory Entry: 

  • Comment on this post with your best do it yourself beauty disaster. I wrote about mine HERE. (I DO realize that there is Nair included in  this giveaway. I need to tell you that this was MANY years ago and in all actuality I might have done it wrong. :p)


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(As compensation for this giveaway, I received a very awesome blogging meet and greet and some products for my family to try out for ourselves. ALL opinions are my own. Photo Credit)


  1. Cheryl I just read your beauty disaster and I don’t know if anyone will be able to top that….why would you do the second armpit hahahahah

    I can’t think of any disaster I have had with products but one time in grade eight or nine I let someone make me bangs in the gym locker room before class….that was a disaster hahaha

  2. On your previous Nair post I talked about my less then effective leg waxing episode, after which I have NEVER attempted to have my legs (or any part of me) waxed again.

    I think this is my only real ‘DIY’ beuaty disaster relating to products (I’m not really into make-up, or hair dying, or really anything that involves effort on my part lol).
    But from friends experiences: Self-tanners should ALWAYS be treated with respect, because blotchy orange skin isn’t cool….. Yes, chlorine in pools can do weird things to drugstore dyed hair…… If your facial mask feels like it’s burning, it likely is.

  3. Glogirl says:

    I actually had the same armpit mishap as you! I decided to wax my armpits and it did not turn out well. I started with my left armpit and besides the pain of waxing I had red, raw areas under my armpit that were sore for about a week. I didn’t bother trying to wax the other armpit. I stick to shaving now!
    I have had other beauty DIY mishaps such as trying to trim my eyebrows with a pair of scissors. I don’t recommend it unless you like chunks of your eye brow missing!

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  13. Oooh…my best DIY beauty disaster happened when I was 13, and thought that I could use a razor to clean up my eyebrows. I misjudged the length of the razor and shaved off a third of my eyebrow…right in the middle! So being a genius teenager I grabbed the scissors and attempted to give myself some blunt bangs to hide my now tri- brow…I ended up with bangs a finger width ABOVE my tri- brows because I didn’t know that my hair would bounce up when it dried! Thank goodness I had blonde eye brows to begin with- I ended up sucking up the rapper look for about a month until my eyebrow filled back in, and I had to clip back my bangs for 5 months…..if only I knew then what I know now about cosmetics and hair! LOL!

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    I decided that I should try to dye my hair red when I was in high school. At the time I had naturally light blonde hair. Surprise surprise – my hair turned orange! I remember one of my male friends telling me, “You really should have called me – I would have talked you out of it!” It was awful and I’ve never tried dying my own hair since!

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