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Stem Cells and Cerebral Palsy

Tomorrow, May 13, I’ll be attending a Cerebral Palsy Symposium at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Just in case this is your first time visiting my site!) I have asked permission from the hospital (as well as one of the presenting physicians- Dr. Darcy Fehlings) to give my point of view via live tweeting, facebooking and blogging. (Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or here.  The facebook account I’ve listed is my blog page, so please follow that one for updates!)

Some of the highlights of tomorrow’s Cerebral Palsy Symposium are: Keynote address by Dr. Michael Fehlings-Krembil Chair in Neural Repair and Regeneration at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Director of the University of Toronto Neuroscience Program, and Associate Scientific Director of NeuroDevNet will discuss Repair and Regeneration of the Brain with Stem Cells in Cerebral Palsy: Hope or Hype?

From 2:30-3:45 there will be a family forum discussion regarding Neural Stem Cell Treatments in CP. And at 2:15, there will be an interview/photo opportunity from myself, explaining everything from a family member’s perspective that has been brought up so far during the symposium.

A little bit about stem cells from NeuroDevNet:

Stem cells are unspecialized cells which can become specialized cells such as brain cells, heart cells or muscle cells. The process of developing into a specialized cell is known as differentiation. Stem cells can also multiply over and over again, a process known as proliferation. During the process of proliferation the stem cell either remains unspecialized or, under the right condition, can become a specialized cell such as a brain cell.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing all of the information tomorrow.  And I’m also equally excited to share the information with all of you. Also if you come across any terminology I use tomorrow and you’re not sure what it means, please leave a comment and I’ll answer them quickly!


  1. Exciting. I know that stem cells can do amazing things. Can’t wait to follow your day via twitter.
    Julia Gabriel recently posted..Bring It On! – Nerf Dart Tag 20 Review

  2. You will be awesome! I’m so excited. I hope I have service at the campground so I can keep up!

  3. I hope there is some great info shared and you enjoy the day!

  4. I know how much this means to you and your passion for helping Jillian and others shines through. You are going to rock this today! Oh yeah, and happy birthday.
    Kathleen B. recently posted..Hey Mom I Learned a New Word- Erection! – Say What

  5. I work with children who have moderate to severe CP.
    Recently a highly known Stem Cell Transplant facility was shut down in Germany. Definitely interested in others thoughts on this subject.
    Courtney recently posted..Mothers Day


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