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Now that I’m in my *cough* 30’s, I’ve been reevaluating my “friendships”. For some? Friendships come in all the usual packaging. And in my case, that’s true. For the most part. I have noticed that some friendships are one sided, some faded by the wayside, some got stronger and some haven’t changed much.

Example #1- Nena. We’ve been friends since we were 6. We were the cutest little brownies ever. If you’ve been here long, you’d know that Nena lost her son Glenn in November due to complications of Cerebral Palsy. Our friendship remains, hard as it is for me (and I’m sure for her.) I feel hopeless watching her grieve 4 provinces away.

Example #2- Christie. Our story is a little different. Christie and I were friends in high school.  We were both band geeks. She played alto sax while I played clarinet. During high school, we were close, however usually with a few other people with us. When we were in university, we drifted apart. Unfortunately, Christie’s sister passed away while we were university. Her sister was 17. I immediately went to Christie’s side. And through tragedy, our friendship rekindled. It’s one of those friendships that even if you haven’t spoken for weeks/months, etc, we can pick it up where we left off.

Example #3- Rhea. She’s my sister from another mother. Honestly, how 2 people could be so similar, it’s hilarious! She too was a band geek in high school. We spend our days chatting back and forth on MSN, KIK (for while we’re away from computers) and the occasional phone call. I guess finding a friend like this on the internet shouldn’t be shocking. Since online dating is all the rage. I am truly lucky to have found one of my “best” friends in an unconventional way.

Example #4- My friend, Meg. We attended the same university and “knew” each other, but not well. Shortly after I moved to Toronto, Meg and I met for coffee, catching up over lost times. She too was a person that we could just pick up where we left off. After Jillian was born, she became a saving grace for me, watching Lauren during a trip to the NICU, watching the girls or coming for coffee with me. Unfortunately, life and distance got in the way of our friendship. It’s still one that I hold dearly.

Example #5- Nolie. Nolie and I also met online first. We met in person while Nolie was here for a conference and then we attended Blissdom Canada together. Since I was in the beginnings of an RA flare, I couldn’t do much. I had even thought about cancelling. Fortunately, Nolie helped me in and OUT of my bathing suit (Have you ever tried to get a bathing suit on when your arms ache?!) and then sticking up for me and standing by me when I was stared at during one of the round table discussions.

I’m sure I could keep going forever! Have your friendships evolved into something you didn’t anticipate?

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  1. Friendships are a funny thing. I would totally help you in and out of a bathing suit again and give people looks that can kill if need be.
    Nolie recently posted..Who needs drugs

  2. aw. I lurve you, too! <3

    And I love the picture of you with Nolie. You both look really pretty.

    Has Adam been transferred to LA yet?

  3. Absolutely, my best friend today and I hated each other at first. We met over 10 years ago at work through another friend. This was a friendship that God wanted because as the years went by the middle friend went away and the two of us grew closer. Our friendship turned into family. I have helped her through her nightmare divorce and she has driven to my house numerous times at 2am to help my husband when I was really ill. Its amazing because who you think will be around 10 years later is not and who you think wont be around might turn out to be the best friend ever.

  4. Most of my friends are online. My parents moved up here when I was in my teens and all my friends were left behind. I got married young to a husband who was abusive and wanted to keep me isolated so there were no friends to be made then. I have one absolute best real life friend names Doug and I can always turn to him for help with anything, including the boys. Other than that and my family, my friends are all online and I am thankful for all of them.
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  5. Most of my best connections are from online friendships. My BFF lives in Texas she blogs at and we had talked on the phone for a year or two before we even met in real life. She came and spent a weekend here in NH. We are that kind of friendship where we don’t talk on the phone much and don’t see each other but if we were to pick up the phone or meet in person …. we are just best of buds as if we haven’t been apart a day. Sometimes I think of her more as a sister than a best friend.

    I love this post!
    Brandy recently posted..Only Child Syndrome &amp Transitions

  6. Absolutely. I had a best friend that I had known since we were infants. We remained fairly good friends until middle school even though I had moved away. We started to drift apart, but we were still friendly. Then in high school, she despised me because a boy she liked had moved to my school a couple years before and I had started dating him. Since he still kept in touch with his friends form his old school, we ran into her a couple times, and it wasn’t pleasant.
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  7. I’m lucky to say that my husband is my best friend. We’ve been together since 96 and I don’t know what I’d do without him. And my online girls are wonderful too :) <3

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