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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Post 9

Today we get to meet Angela! I’m so excited to have her here. Angela had commented on one of the previous posts and explained that she had CP. I immediately asked her if she wanted to take part. I thought it would be great to hear from an adult with CP. Angela has a blog, so be sure to check it out! I actually recruited some friends for this. I wasn’t exactly STUMPED as to what I should ask her, but I wanted to know what OTHER people would ask her. As usual, questions will be bold, Angela’s answers italics and mine bold italics.

Tell me about yourself. (hobbies, interests, etc)
My name is Angela and I am 26 years old, will be 27 in July. I am a nanny for Special Needs kids. I love music and  reading. Oh and I have CP.

What type of CP do you have?
deplegic CP with Spasticity (did I even spell that right?? Just cause I haven’t doesn’t mean I know how to spell it lol) (LOL usually all I’ve run into is ‘spastic diplegia’ but how you put it still makes sense!)
Did you have any surgeries when you were younger?
I had a tendon lengthening surgery when I was six in both legs when I was six in both legs.
Were you ever teased or bullied as a child?
Sadly yes, kids would always make fun of me because I walked funny.
What are some misconceptions you run into?
That I am stupid…I get that one a lot.
All of the parents that I featured this week, all had something in common, we’d like to see our children walk at some point. Do you have any goals/dreams/etc?

Can I just tell everyone to keep that dream…I walk! Your kids can too! I have lots of dreams, I just have to work a little harder to make them happen, currently I am going back to school in May to get a business management degree. :)
Would you rather people ask you questions about your disability or do you prefer having people mind their own business?

I love when peolple ask me about my disability, its much better than being stared at like you are some side show. (I think that the majority of the parents- if not all of us feel the same way… Ask questions!))
If they feel discriminated against or had trouble at work.
I have met my share of assholes (can I say that on here Cheryl? sorry) (yes, you can say that. I’ve said a lot worse before!) I have not been hired because of my disability, no they don’t come right out and say that is the reason, but again I am not dumb.
Do you depend on any equiptment now?
Currently I wear a brace on my left foot and ankle. I get new AFO’s on both legs in the coming months. I have hand splints I wear sometimes at night, I also get botox injections.
What were some of the obstacles they were told they would never over come and did.
My parents never told me what doctors said what I could and wouldn’t do. They were firm believers in that I would do what I needed to do when I was ready.
Why there isn’t more information out there about the condition, for others to understand what they must do through on a daily basis.
I don’t really know how to answer this question. I think it is a condition that is hard for people to understand unless they live with it or take care of someone with it.
What is ONE thing you wish everyone knew about CP?
That it is a disability it does not define a person!
How they think you should explain CP to children without it.
This is a hard one, the way I have described it to my neice is that my muscles work really hard so they get tired easily so my braces help me walk.
Don’t forget to check out Angela’s blog! I’m so happy to have “met” her, maybe she’ll motivate Jillian to wear her AFO’s next Friday. ;)


  1. Thank you for letting me be a part of this :) I had a lot of fun!
    Angela recently posted..Oppsmy bad

  2. Hi Cheryl & Angela!

    Glad I found your Blog, I think it’s so awesome that you’re sharing your stories online! Angela, I found your Blog too! :)

    I work for a group called Neurological Health Charities Canada, and we understand the challenges of living with a brain condition and we are working hard to help people like yourself through advocacy.

    We’d love to invite you (and anyone else of course), to join our community at or on Twitter @MyBrainMatters

    Keep up the blogging, I look forward to following!
    Angie ~

  3. nice post i also have CP and am 19

  4. Hello Cheryl, I’ve come across your blog via Angela, i am a grandmother to ” Beautiful Hailey” Hailey will be 4 in May and has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. I have recently written an article about asking questions about her disability in The Boston Parents Paper (page 10 in the current issue) I hope you can read about it here it is page 10 of the digital edition. I like your blog and will continue to read more. Nice to meet you!

  5. It is so nice to hear the perspective of someone with CP and not just the parents perspective. To know that light shines at the end of the tunnel makes the harder of times a lot easier. I enjoyed hearing everyones stories. makes you not feel so alone.

  6. You are an amazing person Angela. It is so great to hear such a success story from an adult with CP and I am glad to hear that you had such awesome parents with a positive outlook! I love that you now work with special needs children and think that plus your strong will says a lot about what a great person you are!
    Kathleen B. recently posted..Chris Brogan Talks About CRAP!

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