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I’m turning into one of THOSE moms.

Cheryl, you’ve done gone fallen off your rocker again! You’re already silly. Or special. Whatever term you want to use. While I was at Blissdom Canada, Poor Nolie had a cold. And no, I’m not saying that in a condescending way. I’m serious. She sounded miserable. She even took herself to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t anything MORE serious, like strep or some funky virus. While I was sprouting off my general thoughts on colds/viruses/illness I realized I sounded like a whack job.

Having a child that was born at 30 weeks gestation, she has a very fragile immune system. Every cold she seems to get travels to her lungs. Every cold also could mean a hospitalization for her. And call me silly, but I don’t enjoy spending days upon days at Sick Kids. For the first few months of her life, we were in the doctors office to receive RSV shots. Sadly, she didn’t qualify for RSV shots last and this year. There are certain qualities that they look for in order for your child to qualify again. I’m not saying that these shots gave me a sense of security, because they definitely didn’t! But now? When anyone around me is sick, I start acting like a mad woman. The good doctor thought that her compromised immune system would be gone by 2. Hm. Guess not. Let’s try for 3. Or even 5! We’ll get there someday!!!

So, for moms that are neurotic like me, you’re not alone. The thing is? Jillian is my SECOND child. I was NOT this neurotic with my first. Those were the good ‘ol days! You have a cold? Come on over! Let’s build this kids immune system! Ok, that part? I’m kidding, a little. Anyone else have anything to add to my list? Make me MORE neurotic during this cold and flu season- I DARE YOU!!

1. Wash hands every minute or so. Ok. I’m not THAT anal. But, I do have a bottle of hand sanitizer in every room in my house.

2. Cough into your elbow, PLEASE! or if you’re Lauren, just cover your mouth period!

3. Your kid is sick? No. I don’t want a playdate with you. Your kid is sick with green snot and a fever? NO PLAYDATE. And don’t just throw that on me as we walk in the door. That’s just rude.

4. If your kid is sick, or YOU’RE SICK stay home. Really. That isn’t rocket science. Maybe I’m just a baby when I get sick, but I don’t like to be trucked anywhere, and I’m sure your kids don’t either, unless you know, a cold could send them to the hospital like mine.

5. If you’re sick enough to be on antibiotics, give it AT LEAST 24 hours on antibiotics before coming around me OR my kid. K? Thanks. My sanity appreciates it. And so do my hands. Hand Sanitizers really dry my skin sometimes!


  1. hmm my kid seems to qualify based on her heart condition. Want her shots? I can’t stand the monthly pokings.

    I laugh bc I have hand sanitizer in every room.
    Know what else we have ? the posters from sick kids of the kids washing their hands and coughing into their sleeves
    want a playdate? :)

  2. I just cleaned up poo water and haven’t washed my hands…i’m on my way over. K?

  3. Well you saw all the sanitizer I carried and used and the forty million steps I took before coming near you. I think I am in the clear. Oh went back to doctor today. Found out this damn cold can last up to 3 weeks and the cough for 3 months. WTF!! Shoot me now.
    Nolie recently posted..Blissdom Canada–Random Thoughts

  4. so you are just a little over the top… but you have ever right to be! It is only common sense if someone is sick or has a kid that is sick to stay away from others, esp others that have compromised immune systems! Pretty soon you will have to buy bleach in 55 gallon drums to use for showers & walk around in plastic covered clothing… we all will be like that movie the Boy in the Bubble… Hope everyone is feeling better! `hugs~
    Faythe @GrammyMouseTails recently posted..Whats warm- fuzzy and shades of orange all over

  5. Seriously my kids have great immune systems. But I still don’t want other kids or parents around them when they are sick. They are sick= miserable kids= miserable mom= no blogging time = mom goes crazy.

    And I will count back 3 days and figure out who the hell got my kid sick and be MAD!
    Alison recently posted..Hefty Odor Block Review and 10 WalMart GC Giveaway

  6. First: I figured out what CP is. *smacks head*

    Secondly: My 3 year old was born at 33 weeks. So I hear you lady. Welcome to the “One of THOSE Women” Club.
    Momma Cupcake recently posted..A Pink Halloween

  7. I seriously hate getting sick. I work with children at a special needs school and sometimes it just upsets me how the parents just send the kids in sick. We’re not a daycare…. We can’t send them home unless they’re throwing up or fever, and they never have one until it’s time to leave. Thanks Tylenol.
    Courtney recently posted..Meatloaf- cupcakes


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