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How much do I suck? Let me count the ways!

Ok seriously? I don’t get half of these things that were said to me. I just shake my head and vent to my MIL and hope that she laughs with me. And thankfully, she does. She’s a good woman to have around. ESPECIALLY when we’re venting about HER inlaw family!

So, this past weekend was Adam’s grandparents 65 wedding anniversary party. (not to mention when this party was in the works, I requested NOT to have it on that weekend as we were going to have Jillian’s birthday party, but whatev) Adam’s dad, brother and sister in law all flew in from the east coast. Unfortunately my mother in law didn’t come to drink the party.

It started on Friday afternoon. I spent 30 minutes trying to get from the parking area I was in to the parking lot where the rental cars were to find my brother in law and sister in law. I then paid $28 dollars in parking. REALLY? FML. $28 is highway robbery!

I had decided to drop my father in law, brother in law and sister in law off at Adam’s grandparents house and leave to get the cake. However, apparently since we just picked up my niece, Lauren was VERY intent on playing with Jane instead of taking a car ride to get the cake. I met one of Adam’s aunts. She’s from BC. Married to Adam’s dad’s brother. (Did you follow that?!) She immediately goes in about “I thought you said Jillian was 2. Why doesn’t she walk?” Apparently this family doesn’t talk to one another. Cue a “education” lesson from me about Cerebral Palsy.

Adam’s aunt and uncle then asked me when we were going to try for more kids. Um NEVER! I said that Adam and I MIGHT adopt later on down the line (She said “Adam will LET you do that” and “What will Brenda and Allen say about that?” Brenda and Allen are my mother in law and father in law who used to foster parent children. Right. Because they have so much say in what Adam and I do)

Oh, let’s not forget that I’m not LETTING Jillian walk AND I’m starving her! GO me! I’m so talented! I was a little miffed, but whatever. I called Adam and said “YOUR FAMILY IS WEIRD” He then told me they were my family too. Man. That sucks.

The next day was the party. Great. I got up EARLY and drove to get the cake. I was also getting sick. Totally my luck. I felt like butt, but the show must go on, right? So, I’ve mentioned my weight loss before. I’ve now lost 60 lbs. Adam’s grandmother said- EVERY TIME I WENT TO EAT SOMETHING “You’d better watch it! You’re going to gain all that weight back!” So, what did I eat? 2 hand fulls of chips, 1 bite of sandwich, 2 little tiny sausage rolls and 5 bites of cake. Couple that with 2 glasses of wine. Let me tell you how tipsy I was. :p

Check out this cake- btw!!

So, that was my weekend last week. How was yours? I have more stories, but really? I don’t think I need to give you anymore ammo to throw back at me how much I suck. ;)

(Picture Credit- Thank you to Natalie from Doodle Cakes for creating this masterpiece for Adam’s grandparents!)


  1. You are so much more than what people think…and better than people whose only mission is to bring you down. Love you. {hugs}
    Kristen recently posted..Facebook Friday 10

  2. uh YOU don’t suck. your annoying family SUCKS! Chin up and ignore the bastards. You are awesome.
    I’ve been remembering your advice and filling my plate w veggies.

  3. You have to love in-laws….tell everyone to buzz off! You are AWESOME!
    Jenna @ For The Love of Baby! recently posted..Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue Available 9-21

  4. I think THEY are the ones that suck – not you. I have some similar relatives, and it seems like the purposely try to put me down. I just don’t get why people do that. Yep – you are fine, they suck!

  5. People like that are jealous of your awesomeness. You are a great mom, Jillian has the best mom ever. I totally know what you mean about inlaws, I good make yours seem awesome. If I told you some of my stories you would be like WOW.
    Lisa@gardenofmany recently posted..Looking for some ad space- look no further

  6. Sweetie you are beautiful, intelligent, a good wife and a wonderful mother. FUCK them and FUCK the parking!
    Kasandria recently posted..Tomrrow Sept 18 Noon-2 Join The Bakugan Battle League at ToysRUs

  7. Geeze – some people need a filter! the cake looks great though :)
    TheSuburbanMom recently posted..Veggie Tales- Sweetpea Beauty

  8. Yup, you suck! No, people suck. Sorry they can’t use their filters.
    Pretty cake
    Paula recently posted..The Cat in the Hat- Wings and Things Review!

  9. $28 for Parking? What is the parkade lined with gold and studded with diamonds?
    As for the family thing….dysfunctional is more common than you think, most people just don’t want to admit it! (and you’re a great Mom ♥)
    Tammy recently posted..An Interview with Vordak the Incomprehensible – Supervillain

  10. Oh shiny. Here is my comment.
    Nolie recently posted..Blake McGinness selling his toys to buy his dad a headstone

  11. You don’t suck. Your family sucks. I hate when family stick their nose where it doesn’t belong because they are too ignorant to know whats really going on.
    Nolie recently posted..Blake McGinness selling his toys to buy his dad a headstone

  12. It is a very pretty cake… and no, you do not suck!

  13. I’m sure you don’t suck. People are just evil. :(

    Nice cake tho.
    Jenny recently posted..The Great Katy Debate!

  14. You SO do not suck!!! Cake was lovely! Congrats on your weight loss! WORK it GIRRRRRRRRL!!!
    nicóle recently posted..What I look like as a hair model…

  15. WOW. Can’t believe those comments! I hate explaining the CP thing…Hate it. Whenever I do, I end up in tears. When Ben was diagnosed, my parents were the only people who were told by my LIPS. I told them to tell everyone (poor them). I later posted a summary on Facebook (you can read it if you’re interested…just check out my Notes) and told everyone who read it to tell everyone else.

    As for the weight loss…GOOD FOR YOU!!! I lost 40 pounds last year and it was the best thing I ever did. I’ve maintained that loss for over a year and am thinking I’d like to lose 10 more. We’ll see. Haven’t quite decided if I want to be a Size 8!
    Cary recently posted..Gotcha

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