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Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Wow. 5 years ago tomorrow (August 27, 2005) Adam and I tied the knot. Hard to believe in September we’ll be together for 10 years. Some days, it seems like a LOT longer than that. ;)

It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, no it wasn’t. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. I have just always wanted to start with that opening! Maybe I could start my memoirs with “It was a dark and stormy night”, but then I’d be wrong too, because even though I was born in the wee early hours of the morning, it wasn’t stormy, and when it all started, it was light out. Whatever. This is my story.

I met Adam when we were in our first year of university. I was actually seeing someone else when I met Adam. Thankfully, I moved into Adam’s residence when we were in our 2nd semester. I blame him for the copious amounts of weight I gained over the years. It was SO much better to stay in, hang out, eat junk food and watch movies.

I know I’ve mentioned that he’s shy before, I was worried about how the ceremony would go. I hardly slept all night because I was so worried about him. I called him in the morning and asked how he slept. He said he slept SO WELL! Uh, excuse me? I didn’t sleep well because I was worried about HIM.

When I woke up, I started FAH-REAKING out that it was raining out. I had stalked the long range forecast for days. It wasn’t supposed to rain! Thankfully my maid of honor set me straight and showed me it was the black out curtains in the bed and breakfast. Phew. We were whisked off to have our hair done and makeup done. I don’t have any pictures of that, because you know, 5 years ago we were in the stone ages or something and I think Adam had our digital camera.

Our minister promised we’d be down and up the aisle in 20 minutes. He was true to his word. We had a beautiful Harpist- totally rocks to have connections at the music department! We had a small turn out, it was exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately, all the pictures I have on this computer are some scanned ones we had from the photographer. Maybe for our 10 year anniversary, we’ll renew our vows. I still love my husband more everyday then the day before. We have 2 beautiful children and I am so happy to be called Mrs. Peters, even if I don’t answer to it. I much prefer my first name. ;)

Right before I walked down the aisle I had stepped on my dress and left a black mark. I wanted to cry, but no one noticed and my wonderful girls eased my mind.

Our first “Official Kiss” as Mr. and Mrs. Peters

All the legal documents! It really happened!!!

Finally!!! Finished!!

One of my favourites

Enough with the kissing!

I had some lovely connections where we got married (We got married at the university we met) and we managed to score this rooftop photo. :)

Lean on Me! Our whole wedding party.

More posing!

My ABSOLUTE favourite. I really wasn’t expecting to smile as hard as I did. It’s Adam and his Dad, kissing me!

And one for good measure, my wonderful friend snapped a picture of Adam and I. I said “No one wants to see US.” She said “It’s still important to get pictures of each other, not just the kids.” So, thank you Mani for making me feel beautiful! (PS. If you’re looking for a wonderful photographer in Toronto, feel free to get in touch with Manuella from MPH Photography!)

Happy Anniversary, honey, and if we can be as lucky as your grandparents, we’ll be celebrating another 60+ more years of wedded bliss. I love you, always and forever.


  1. It was a dark and stormy night when I said congrats!
    Alison recently posted..Dutch Wonderland – A Kingdom for Kids

  2. So sweet!! Love the pictures :) Happy Anniversary hun!!

  3. What an awesome story. I love the pictures your dress was gorgeous. Happy anniversary!!!
    Jessi @ Jabbering Jessi recently posted..The Wiggles Are Coming- The Wiggles Are Coming

  4. Happy anniversary Cheryl & Adam! You guys are adorable and I wish you many more years of happy. :)

  5. Cheryl, I remember that day vividly. Living just across the street from the church, I kept looking at the clock and thinking “Oh I’ve got plenty of time”. I got doing something and then glanced at the clock again and realized the ceremony started in 5 MINUTES!! I FREAKED! I grabbed my purse and quite literally ran over to the church. Luckily I made it in time!
    Happy 5th anniversary Cheryl & Adam!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! You two are two cute together-and it made me smile to read your post.
    Kristen recently posted..Facebook Friday 7

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